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Fashion Forward Dubai 2017 Photos & Video Coverage – Dubai Fashion Blogger

Another year for Dubai Fashion Blogger to Cover Fashion Forward Dubai 2017. Below you can find most of the photos I took and some that I grabbed and I do not Own (credits to the owners) and the Vlog/Video I took.

As you guys know, that I had a Bad Experience with Fashion Forward Dubai’s PR last year that really pissed me off big time on how she treated me inviting to the press conference very last minute & then not getting any shows not even one! So what? I’m a Slave now?!?. You can CLICK ME to read my full story last year. — CLICK ME to watch the Full Video —


Moving on, I am supposed to be MIA for all the fashion shows this year happening in Dubai, but my fashion canadian friend, turning into a designer sensation very soon her name is CLAIRE never been to fashion forward dubai so we got intouch and decided to go and the rest of the fashion shows coming up this month! CLICK ME to visit her Instagram. My Instagram @tauyanm

So this year, Fashion Forward Dubai did step it up and went full on with the shows, specially the location (Thanks God for that!?) Location last year was somewhere in woop! woop! of Dubai Design District which is a turn off for me. It was hot and sticky/humid last year, my Uber can’t find it + the food stalls were over priced + the Main runway tent is like a big sauna haha Hey! Let’s all be fashionable and wear designer outfit and have Sauna together! Sounds fun right? Not! But this year they started in transition of Dubai weather which is really good. So it wasn’t that super Sauna Hot. Average hot if you’re an asian.

Also another thing I like about this year is how organized everything is, The queue for general admission, bloggers/press, Vips/Frontrows are all proper and those bouncer guys who looked after the shows? My gosh! They were scary because they all look so big with huge muscles but all good looking haha? that’s a + Point! haha

Of course I have to rant something. So here it goes, While I was first in the queue for bloggers/press, I noticed there are some Filipinos who are working for fashion forward, It did hit me hard and got disappointed when I see these Filipinos bringing other filipinos inside the shows without any badge or Pass or invitation to go in! They were just kinda asking the bouncer guys “Hey she/he going to the Backstage” blah blah blah?” with out any badge or pass to get in. and yes I have a proof! I was talking to that one person(dunno her/he name) who got a special treatment sitting with bloggers/press row and she/he not even one? Not even VIP So, She/he should be way up the seating rows am I right?

Don’t forget to Watch my Vlog below to see what happened to the Shows!

Hello? fashion forward dubai, People with badge/pass/invitation like press/VIP/buyers should have the seats, We cover the event, and they are not. We definitely earned our press pass or blogger’s pass. There were way so many people who deserved that space! that seat! That was queueing and in line sticky and sweaty and these people can just get in just like that without a badge/pass/invitation? hell that is so BS! and yes, she/he not even a VIP, I doubt if she/he got a proper invitation. But because she knows someone who worked insider why bother right? I’m betting that she’s not the only one because I saw many of them. You know, they are not tired carrying heavy camera the whole day to cover the shows, take and edit photos/videos. Don’t even own a blog. They were just curious.? Just wanted a peek, oh! maybe I’ll take a seat instead much better while everyone is still outside.?

For the record, I’m not trying to be mean with my fellow filipinos in Dubai, In fact, If you know me in person I’m probably the one who will talk to you and smile first (not crazy) but I am just like that. But if you are a Filipino living in many different countries Like I do, You’ll understand my point about Filipinos with High-Air Attitude. Also, I am just addressing this opinion of mine, coz maybe fashion forward dubai can improve next time just to be Fair and Equal with everyone and just for the sake of me being a blogger and being honest with my experience.

Anyways, enough about ranting. Just I wanna say Thank you to Fashion Forward Dubai for having me and treating me nice. This is a relief for me after my bad experience last year. You guys did great with the location and everything! (except of course about my rant above) Also, I’ve met some few nice people! Hola guys! =) See ya’ll soon!

Please Click the Photo below to see them in Larger View. Enjoy!

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Till next time everyone! Have a good day! cheers, Jane ?

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