Tips to Stay Comfortable During Long Road Trips

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Tips to Stay Comfortable During Long Road Trips

Road trips are the best. When you have the open road ahead of you, all the possibilities in the world are within your reach. One of the best experiences of your life can take place on the road.

However, sitting in the car isn’t always the most pleasant experience and road trips can have their ups and downs. You want to have fun and look your best but the car journey just isn’t always the most glamorous or comfortable place to do it. If you want to ensure you stay comfortable during long road trips, you should keep these tips in mind the next time you travel.

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Prepare possible stop locations

While you shouldn’t plan your road trip too much, you do need to have some kind of plan in place. In essence, you need to know when and where you can stop to ensure you don’t end up driving looking for a gas station or something to eat when fuel is running out and you’re super hungry.

You should also schedule to stop at least every few hours even if you don’t need fuel or food. Sitting for a long period can get uncomfortable, if not right now, you’ll probably feel it tomorrow. So, take a moment to stretch and walk around a little to get the blood pumping.

Wear comfortable clothing

Now, you should prepare for a long road trip like you prepare for a long flight. You want to wear comfortable and loose clothing relying on the power of layering. Jeggins or leggings are a good pick, combined with a comfortable t-shirt or tunic. You can then have a boyfriend cardigan to go with the look.

If you are driving, you must have comfortable driving shoes – remember that you can always change the shoes when you step out of the car. If you are just a passenger, you might want to have some woolly socks to wear during the journey.

If you are heading to an event, pack your fancy clothing with you and change it an hour before the destination. This ensures you’ll feel comfortable during travel and look good when you arrive!

Pack healthy snacks and drink enough liquids

It’s easy to fill your car with unhealthy snacks for the road trip. When you are on a holiday, you deserve a little treat, right? Well, you will feel a lot more comfortable during the road trip if you skip the crisps and instead have healthier options such as nuts and dried fruit with you. These won’t be as bloating and they won’t irritate your stomach. Do pack enough snacks just to ensure you don’t suddenly get hungry.

You also want to drink enough liquids even if you think that’s not such a good idea. You should have a good idea of places where you can stop on your journey anyway and drinking will ensure you don’t suddenly end up with a headache.

Plan for simple car maintenance

You should also remember to plan for the worst in terms of the car breaking down or suffering a malfunction. It’s easy to think nothing bad is going to happen but you’ll feel a lot less stress and you’ll worry less if you have a plan for these scenarios. You’ll probably be back on the road in just a few minutes if you prepare for certain eventualities.

What should you think about in terms of car maintenance? You should be prepared for an empty battery, a flat tire and just something going wrong with the car. This means having jump cables and basic repair kits available – you can find offers on car repair accessories from sites like online. You should also have a few snuggly blankets for staying warm as well as a solar charger to ensure you can always use your phone, even if you are stuck in your car.

Fight the boredom with entertainment

If you are going on a road trip with your friends, you might think the drive won’t get boring. You get in the car and you start talking and singing and having fun. By the fourth hour, you might all be sitting in silence. It’s important to be prepared for the boredom that might happen no matter how great your travel companions are.

Things that can work as great entertainment on car trips include things like travel games you can play in the car, new podcasts and audiobooks, and planning – yes, you should use the car drive as an opportunity to plan for the things you’ll be doing at the destination! In terms of the games, you can do anything from trivia to “I spy” type of games.

The above tips will guarantee you have a comfortable long road trip ahead of you. You’ll stay safe, entertained and you’ll feel comfortable sitting in the car with your friends. So, don’t forget to plan your next road trip with these tips in mind.

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