Shuidonggou Site in Yinchuan Ningxia china

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Shuidonggou Site in Yinchuan Ningxia China -Places to visit in China

My Trip to Yinchuan Ningxia China was Unexpected but I was thrilled and Thankful that I came and enjoy the adventure. I just got back from my trip to Philippines and Malaysia and received an email from Tourism of Yinchuan Ningxia China to come and visit for 5days and explore the beautiful region. Thank you to Asia Travel Promotion Limited Kit and Hallie for having me and for organizing the trip for the rest of the bloggers who’s with me that whole week! I can never ask for a better company than them.

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR), is an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China located in the northwest part of the country. Formerly a province, Ningxia was incorporated into Gansu in 1954 but was separated from Gansu in 1958 and was reconstituted as an autonomous region for the Hui people, one of the 56 officially recognized nationalities of China. Twenty percent of China’s Hui population lives in Ningxia.

I did a Summary post of The Ultimate List of Top Things that you can do when visiting Ningxia! You can CLICK ME and Read the Whole post with photos for you to enjoy! Also, You can CLICK ME to watch my Travel Vlog in Ningxia! I guess that is a much better idea for you to enjoy it most!

I wanted to make a separate blog post about all the places that we visited so you guys can enjoy the trip too! We’ve been to Many places in 5 days and Today I would like to share with you, One of the places that you must Visit First in Ningxia!

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SHUIDONGGOU SITE was a military defense base along the Great Wall of China, where a lot of military buildings and facilities were built to defend against the northern nomadic tribes. Today, many of the relics can still be seen here. China’s earliest excavated site of the old stone age (300 million to 10,000 years ago) and this is the Birth Place of prehistoric archaeology in China. Ticket Price to go in is RMB80. You’ll spent 3-5hours inside depends how slow or fast you go. The price includes all the rides(camel,horse,boat) and show as well.
I took some photos and videos as well for you guys to enjoy! Hope you will like it =)

This is the Main Entrance of the Shuidonggou Site, Look amazing right?

A post shared by Jane Dubai Blogger (@tauyanm) on

A post shared by Jane Dubai Blogger (@tauyanm) on

In 1923, French Paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin, Sang Zhihua discovered the prehistoric cultural sites here, dug out a large number of stone tools and animal fossils in Shuidonggou, making it China’s earliest excavated site of the Old Stone Age (300 million to 10 thousand years ago) and the “Birthplace of Prehistoric Archaeology in China”.
The site is also known as one of the national key cultural relics protection units, national 5A-level scenic spot, national geological park and awarded Silver Prize as one of the 50 places well worth visiting by foreign tourists.

Fewer tourists and more photo opportunity of the Great Wall of China when you visit Ningxia boasts of being a Great Wall Museum. The Great Wall was built there during many periods of history Famous and also known as the border of the Ming Dynasty.Until now you can still everything! Brings you back in time and the place will make you feel how it is like during the ming dynasty. The tunnels are just amazing! Very Well Kept by the government and neat and tidy. You can still see the traps and the rooms inside the tunnel. See my photos below for more.

Below is one of the scenic rock mountains and the valley, A scenic Spot that you can enjoy going through the Shuidonggou Site. It is like the Grand Canyon in the USA. It was breath-taking and the boat is incredible! Like in a movie scene and romantic ride. Hongshan lake did a great shop shaping the rock mountains. The slow boat ride is just refreshing after a long walk in the desert. Around it you’ll find the reeds. It is like tall grass that you’ll see everywhere of Ningxia province. It grows taller than a normal person height which is incredble.

Below are some of the photos that I took for you guys! Please look closely as this is a STORYBOARD from where we started the journey inside the Shuidonggou Site to the ending Believe Me! once you get inside the Site there is no going back! It is like a huge maze! Too many rides in one place, from Camel Ride, Horse Ride, Bouncing Truck, and Boat!

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Till next time everyone! Have a good day! cheers, Jane ?

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