Top Things To Do in Yinchuan Ningxia China

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Top Things To Do In Yinchuan Ningxia China – Instagrammable Places in China

Yinchuan Ningxia Located In China Is One Of The Places That You Don’t Miss Visiting If You Are Coming To Asia. Why? Because In This Region, There Are Less Tourist, Amazing Culture, Good Food, Friendly People, And Lots Of Things To Do! In Fact, I’ve Been There For 5 Days And Yet I Haven’t Been To All Of The Places That I Wanted To Visit. But I Did Enjoy My Trip!

Ningxia is a small autonomous region in north-central China. Officially the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR), is an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China located in the northwest part of the country.In the north, the Helan Mountains are the site of prehistoric rock carvings and the massive Western Xia tomb complex, with its 1,000-year-old imperial mausoleums. In the provincial capital of Yinchuan, Ningxia Museum and China Hui Culture Park explore the culture of the Hui people.

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Going Back To The Topic, Below is The List Of Fun Things That You Can Do In Yinchuan Ningxia, China. I Will Try My Best To Update The List In The Next Few Weeks, So Please Come Back To Update Your Notes And So You Won’t Miss Anything When You Come And Visit Yinchuan Ningxia, China.

I Will Be Doing A Separate Blog Posts For Each Of The Places Or Days We’ve Been To! So Don’t Forget To Follow My Social Media, You Can Search @Tauyanm Anywhere And Follow For Updates. Enjoy The List Below!

1) Never Been To Taj Mahal? Don’t You Worry! Yinchuan Ningxia China Got You Covered! They Built A Replica Of Taj Mahal So You Won’t Miss Anything. You Can Find This In China Hui Nationality Cultural Park. It Is A 4a Attraction Located In The Najiahu Village In Yongning County. With The Support Of The Government, The Park Is Established By Muslims And Other Islamic Culture Supporters. In This Place, You Can Visit The Grand Prayer Hall To Learn About Muslim Ceremonials And The Faith Of The Hui People As Well As The Charm Of The Mosque.

2) Have A Speed Boat Ride In Sand Lake And Enjoy The View. Here You Can Find The 7 Natural Resources, Golden Sands, Water, Green Reeds, Flying Birds, Swimming Fish, Hills And Lotuses. Many Other Activities Are Available Of All Ages Like Camel Riding, Boat Ride, Jet-ski, Bird Watching And Many Others That Sure Everyone Will Enjoy! Visiting Here With Group Of People Would Be A Perfect Place To Enjoy.

3) Walk And Follow The Railway In The Tengger Desert. Isn’t It Very Instagrammable? Located In The Golden Sand Sea Tourism Resort On The Cross Of Yinyan Road And Xiaohu Road, Yinshu Bridge Town, Shapotou District In Ningxia Province. Another Photo Opps That You Can see Here Is The Train Hotel & Glamping Site.

4) In Shapotou, Besides Doing Different Activities Related With Sand And Yellow River, Here, You Can Step And Enjoy The Long Ride In A Escalator! Why? Because This Is The First And The Longest Desert Escalator In The World! Yes! I Was Mind-blown Too! When We Were In That Escalator, My Team And I Were All Saying That This Escalator Is So Freaking Long! And Now I Found Out That It Is Indeed Long! The Only Longest Escalator In The World Located In A Desert! Another Thing You Can Find Here In Shapotou Is Seeing The S-shape Yellow River Forming A Natural Yin-yang Symbol With The Desert. Here, They Also Have The First Bridge To Cross Yellow River.

5) Ride A Chinese Inspired Boat In Hongshan Lake. A Very Quiet And Peaceful Lake With The Beautiful Scenery That You Just Don’t Want To End. The Rock Mountains Surrounding The Lake Is Just Majestic. Kinda Like Grand Canyon (Even Though I’ve Never Been There Hehe) That Is The Only Mountain I Can Best Describe The View I Saw During That Peaceful Ride In The Boat. You Can Click Me To Watch My Yinchuan Ningxia China Vlog On My Youtube Channel To See Exactly What I Am Talking About Haha

6) Make A Scene In The Chinese Hollywood City. In Ningxia Zhenbeibao West Movie City, You Can Find All The Movie Setup. This Is A 5a Tourist Attraction. 35km Away From The Centre Of Yinchuan And Is Located In Zhenbei Fort. There Are More Than 100 Films That Was Shot In Here Like, Ashes Of Time, Chinese Odyssey Pandora’s Box And Cinderella And The Famous Red Sorghum. The Place Is Rustic And Old. It Will Take You Around 2hours To Walk Around Depends On How Fast Or Slow You Walk Of Course!

7) Meet New People In Their Traditional Hats And Outfits. Going To Yinchuan Ningxia China, I Tried To Google To Learn Something About The Places And Their People As Well. But I Am Surprised That There Is Not Much Information Out There. So Now, I Am Telling You How Warm And Kind The People are There. People Don’t Speak In English But You Can See The Nice Reaction In Their Faces When You Talk To Them In English And They Respond In Chinese, Which Is Amazing! No Language Barrier At All. You Just have To Come There With Open Mind & Accept & Truly Explore The Place And Know The People.

8) Stay In The Hotel That Has Gold Keys! Yes! Xifujing Hotel Is The Only Hotel In Yinchuan Ningxia China That Has Golden Keys! Below Is The Staff With Me In my Room, Giving Me A Warm Welcome! They Also Gave Me Some Really Good Traditional Cookies And I Was Munching Them The Whole Week I Was There! Xifujing Hotel Is A Luxurious Type Of Hotel That Everyone Can Stay Because Of Its Affordability And Pocket Friendly. Gym And Restaurant Is Available, Food They Serve Is Delicious Too! And Nothing Can Beat A Good Service And Friendly Staff During Your Stay.

9) Enjoy The Goodness Of Babao Tea While You’re There, Before It’s Too Late! Now That I Am Back In Dubai, I Regret One Thing, Not Buying Tons Of Babao Tea. It Is Probably My Favourite Tea At The Moment. It Contains 8 Treasure Ingredients That You Can Enjoy. 8 Treasures: Chrysanthemum, Walnut, Red Chinese Dates, Wolf Berry, Longan, Rose Buds, Sesame Seed And Rock Sugar. We Visited A Goji Berry Farm And They Were Very Nice To Show Us How To Make And Combine The 8 Treasures In Babao Tea. So Next Time You See One Of Them, Grab Them Quick! And Grab Lots Of Them!

10) Learn How To Make Their Snacks Straight From The Locals, Visiting Yinchuan Ningxia China, You’ll See This Twisted Fried Snack Everywhere. My brain Thought It Was Churros At First, But Then We Learned That It Was A Simple Fried Dough Snack Of The Locals. We Went To Visit A Muslim Village And Learned How To Make Them. Surprisingly Simple To Make And Delicious! Very Filling Too! We Had It With Some Babao Tea Of Course!

11) Meet The Chief Of The Muslim Village We Visited In Ningxia, We Enjoyed The Kind And Warm Welcome Of Mr. Guo In Their Muslim Village. He Invited Us To His Home And Have Some Tea Time. Her Sister In Law Showed Us How To Make Their Local Fried Dough Snacks. It Was Simple And Very Easy To Make Really. Perfect Partner For Some Babao Tea. Mr. Guo Was Very Welcoming To Us In His Home. Again No Language Barrier At All, We All Understand And Gets Each Other Whenever We Try To Say Something Which Feel So Good.

12) Learn How To Make Wheat Grass Squares In The Desert That Will Be A Fertilizer In The Next Few Years And Plants Will Start To Grow In A Desert Sand. The Invention Of Wheat Grass Squares In China’s First Desert Railway, The Baolan Railway Where You Can Find It Also In Tengger Desert Where The Train Hotel And The Glamping Site Is. It Was A Fun Way To Help Utilise The Desert Sand To Grow Plants.

13) Walk And Feel Like It’s Your Own Lotus Field, Inside Jin Sha Island, In Tengger Desert Golden Sand Sea Tourism Resort You’ll Find These Never-ending Lotus Field, The Pagoda In The Middle Of The Walkway Looks Majestic Looking Over The Lotus Plants. It Is Quite There, It Was Not The Month For The Lotus Flowers To Bloom So It Was Just Green, But Despite Of The No Show Flowers, I Am Happy To See So Much Lotus In Person. Best Month To Visit Is June, July, August For The Full Bloom Flowers.

14) Have Some Time Out And Bring A Friend Or Two In A Mini Lake Surrounded With Flowers, Another Thing To Do In Tengger Desert Golden Sand Sea Resort Is Just Chill With A Friend Or Friends By The Mini Lake With Flowers Full Bloom Around You. For More Exciting Things To Do? Go For A Jetski! With A Beautiful View Of Course! Get Those Adrenaline High! It Will Make You Look And Feel Young Hehe.

15) Find A Salamander In An Unexpected Place, We Went To The Museum Of Ningxia Wet Museum And Didn’t Expect Lots Of Salamander Inside! They Were Huge! Never Seen Anything Like Those Size Ever In My Life Before! Such A Memorable Experience. We Were All Shocked To See Them In All Different Sizes. Not Any Movement Happened While We Were Looking At Them Probably Camera Shy Haha.

16) Visit A Bird Shelter In the Middle Of A Lake, Find Those Black Swans Swimming, This Is Where They Bring Any Kind Of Birds Who Are Wounded Or Need Some Time To Heal. In Sand Lake Scenic Resort You’ll See Green Reeds, And Do Different Sand And Water Activities, But What Amazes Me Was The Huge Net In The Middle Of The Lake That Helps Keeps The Bird To Heal And Practice Flying Again After Being Sore And Wounded.

17) Ride A Monster Truck! Literally! Higher Than The Tallest Guy We Have In The Team! Of Course, We Needed Stairs To Reach The Top Hehe It Was a Fantastic Ride For All Of Us! You Can Watch My Video About Ningxia Over My Youtube Channel To See How Amazing It Was. Our Tourist Guide Was Telling Us That It Was Only A Little Bit Of Bumps Here And There In The Desert On Our Way To Another Place, But Oh! Gosh! No! It Was Like Riding A Roller Coaster Haha But Seriously Fun!

18) When In Yinchuan Ningxia China? Temple Hopping Is A Good Idea! China Is Probably One Of The Country That We Refer To When We See Temples. Of Course, Never Miss To Do Temple Hopping! Ningxia Have So Much Culture And Old Buildings That I’m Sure You Guys Wanted To See And Appreciate As Well. That Is Why We Travel To Other Countries, To Learn And Explore Different things and At The Same Time find Exciting Things To Do.

19) We Love Challenges! Another thing To Do In Yinchuan Ningxia China Is To Walk Or Sit On Top Of These Traps! Inside Those Caves Or Tunnels In The Mountains In Shuidongguo site, You’ll See Lots Of Traps Like This One And Believe Me It Felt Very Real Crossing Over Those Tunnels! Watch My Youtube Video To Know How Scary My Experience Was! It Felt Like We Were In A War By The Ming Dynasty Haha All The Rooms And Everything Inside Is Well Kept!

20) Go Inside The Tunnel During The Ming Dynasty And Try To Walk Where The Soldiers Exactly Walked And Sleep! Lounges For Generals Are Available Too! Interested Yet? I, Myself Was So Amaze As How This Caves/Tunnels Is Made And Well Maintained Until Now. It Is So Clean Inside! Definitely Exactly How It Looks Like Long Time Ago. Each And Every Rooms Are Really Good For A Bunker! I Love To Imagine That Soldiers Were Well Looked After Those Days As The Rooms And Everything Inside Really Looks Good.

21) These Horses Are Better Actor Than You! They Acted The Whole Show And Oh! They Play Dead Too! We Watched The Mongolian Show That Afternoon In Shuidongguo. We Were A Bit Late Then, But I Would Like To Say Thank You To Everyone, Actors And Audiences Who Waited For Our Team For Few Minutes As We Were Running Late For The Right Time, You Know We Took Too Many Photos And Videos And We Needed It For The Purpose Why We Were There, So Totally Appreciate Them Giving Us Some Time To Arrive. We Enjoyed The Whole Show! You Can Watch The Show Over My Youtube Channel To See How It Went And Enjoy It At The Same Time.

22) When In China! Never Miss To Visit A Part Of The Great Wall Of China In Ningxia Border! Doesn’t Need To Be In Beijing Coz They Have It Here Too! Less Tourist + More Other Additional And More Interesting And Has Deep Meanings When You Visit This Part Of Great Wall In Ningxia. I Can’t Even Believe Myself That This Is A Part Of The Great Wall Of China. I Mean Did You Ever Think That Great Wall Of China Is Really Long That Is Why We Can See It, If We Are In The Moon? Because It Is All Over China, So If You Can’t Make It To Beijing, There Are Other Parts Of Great Wall Of China That You Can See Somewhere Else Like In Yinchuan Ningxia China.

23) Meet The Mongolians And Learn About Their Cultures And Yummy Delicious Foods. Don’t You Just Love Their Colourful Outfit And Decorations? Never Have I Thought That I Can Do This In China. I Was Imagining Myself In A Total Different Country. The Grassland, The Colourful Decorations, Friendly Smiles And Yes To Yummy Food. Here Is Where We Meet Genghis Khan. We Went To The Grassland And Had Some Mongolian Food And Inside The Small Cute House Where We Ate, While Genghis Khan’s Photo Is Looking Over Us. Genghis Khan Is The Leader Of The Mongolian Empire Which Became The Largest Empire In The History Of His Death.

24) In Yinchuan Ningxia China, Shuidongguo Site, You’ll find 30,000 years of history and the earliest paleolithic relic in china. It is called “the cradle of chinese prehistoric archeology” the relic has provided the existence of human here in 30,000 years ago and animal fossils too like rhinos, cow, pig, gazelle.

25) Did Somebody Said Glamping? Oh Yes! I Did! Glamping In The Middle Of The Desert! Located In Tengger Golden Sand Sea Tourism Resort, Where You Can Find The Train Hotel Too. In This Place We Spent The Night Star-gazing (Although It Rained A Bit That Night) And Saw The Beautiful Sunrise Shining Over The Golden Desert. I’ll Be Doing A Separate Post On Each Of The Places Where We Went Too, So Subscribe To My Blog For More Information In The Future. The Glamping Site Is Beautiful! It Has All The Complete Amenities That You Need Like Staying In A Hotel. Another important thing? They have wifi!

26) Go Inside A Mosque And Feel The Majestic Structure And Calmness Inside And Out. Located In The Chinese Hui National Cultural Park, Is A Beautiful Mosque. Same Place Where You Can Find The Replica Of Taj Mahal As Their Main Entrance. Here, You Can Learn A Lot Of Things About Muslims And Foods And Other Hui Culture.

27) In Yinchuan Ningxia China, Is A Place Where You Finally and Try To Ride A 2-humps Camel! They Like To Multi-task And Poop While Walking LOL =D See my travel video on youtube to see it yourself! The Bactrian camel is a large, even-toed ungulate native to the steppes of Central Asia. The Bactrian camel has two humps on its back.

28) Who Doesn’t Want A Field Full Of Flowers! Here In Yinchuan Ningxia China There Is A Huge Park Just For You To Enjoy Fields Of Different Flowers! We Love Some Lavender So There You Go! Located In Tengger Desert, Golden Sand Sea Tourism Resort, Is A Beautiful Place With Full Of Flowers. Best Time To Visit Is June-july-august And September But The Full Flowers Bloom During August. It Was Beautiful There And Something You Don’t Wanna Miss.

29) Beside Glamping In The Middle Of The Tengger Desert, You Have A Choice To Stay In A Luxurious Train Hotel Too! The Best Of The Best! Restaurant And Coffee Shop Is Available And Other Luxurious Things Like A 5 Star Hotel. We Didn’t Get To Really Stay Inside The Place As I Think It Was Full Or Something. But We Did Enjoy Our Time Eating Our Lunch There Specially With Babao Tea. Staff Could Be More Friendlier And Probably Smile? Haha But The Whole Place Is Amazing And Probably Once In A Lifetime Experience To Stay In A Luxurious Train Hotel.

30) We Love Trying Different Mode Of Transportation, In Yinchuan Ningxia China, Sheepskin Rafting Is A Must! We Were Just Floating With This Stuffed Sheepskin And Few Woods Tied Together For Around 15-20minutes. You Can Also Try Paragliding, Sand Sliding, Ziplining Across The Famous Yellow River. We Passed The Very First Bridge With Glass Floorings Where You Can Walk And Challenge Yourself To Cross The Long Yellow River. Riding This Sheep Raft Is Pretty Cool! Never Thought Someone Actually Invented A Sheep Skin Stuffed Raft!

31) Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Have A Moment And Selfie With The Famous 3rd Longest, Mother Of River In China After The Yangtze River, The Yellow River! It Wasn’t Literally Yellow, In Fact It Was A Muddy Colour. Yellow River Looks Majestic From Above The Desert Mountain Where You Can See It Above The Shapotou Place, Also You Will Be Able To Cross it 2-3x During Your Ziplining And Paragliding Ride In Shapotou. When In Yinchuan Ningxia China Everyone Will Tell You About This Yellow River, So Don’t Miss It!

32) What! Once A Upon A Time Dinosaurs Exist! And In This Hollywood City In Yinchuan Ningxia China I Got The Selfie Opportunity Hehe No It Is Not Real, It Is Just A Setup For A Movie Located In Zhenbeibao West Movie City. I Can Just take Too Many Photos Of Each And Every Setup In This Place! Every Movie Setup Has A Story Attached To It So Make Sure To Read Them And Amaze Yourself. You Can Also Find Here The Very First Setup Of The Very First Movie Shot In Here.

33) One Of The Famous Thing In Yinchuan Ningxia China Is Known For? Goji Berries! Have Some Time To Pick Your Own Goji Berries In A Goji Farm, And See The Other Food Products That Are Made With Goji Berries Or Chinese Red Dates. I’ll Film A Quick Haul Of Things I Bought In The Goji Berry Farm That You Guys Will Sure Love It. Goji Berries Is Widely Famous And Known In China. Even When You Try To Google Search Ningxia, All You Can Find Is About Goji Berries Or Chinese Red Dates That You Can Enjoy So Fresh In This Place. We went to Hong Manao Goji Berry Farm and bought some goodies too!

34) Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Beauty Of Both Yellow River And The Sand In Shapotou. Here You Can Do So Many Activities Like Paragliding, Ziplining, Sand Slide And A Park On Top Of The Desert Mountain. A Place For Those Who Are Looking To Just Have Fun And Challenge Themselves Like Me. I Have Not Tried Ziplining Until I Went Here With My Team. It Was A Nerve Wrecking Experience While I Am Waiting For My Turn. To See How Far We Need To Zipline And How High Where We Are Standing Is Just Terrifying. I Am More Even Scared Ziplining Looking At The Yellow River As The Last Stop Is Across That River.

35) Last One But Definitely Not The Least! Delicious Food In Yinchuan Ningxia! To Be Honest, My tummy was full the whole time I was there. The Table Just Keeps On Magically Producing Yummy Foods Every Time We Eat And We Are Definitely Not Complaining About It. One Of Our Blogger Friend Is Vegetarian So Every Time We Eat, They Serve Us Equal Parts Of Meats And Veggies. But I Never Knew That, Such Recipes Are Around, I’ve Had So Many Eggplants In This Trip That Is Cooked In so Many Different Ways And Same With the Other Veggies. So If You Are Vegetarian, Or Wanna Try To Be One For Days That You Are There, You’re In Luck Girl! Coz This Place For You To Visit! Also you have to know that this place served most of Halal foods because of the Hui Muslim People.

Well, I Guess That Is All For Now. As I’ve Said Above, I’ll Try My Best To Update This List In The Future As I Am Currently Sorting Out All The Photos I Have From The Trip And All The Photos Are Everywhere! Don’t Forget To Click Me To Watch My Youtube Travel Vlogs Including My Trips To Yinchuan Ningxia, China.

My Over-All Trip There Was Amazing, We Went There September 22-27 2017. The Weather Is Really Good For Walking Around The Whole Day. As You May See On The Photos Above, I Am Wearing All Thin Fabrics Of Long Sleeves And Pants Just To Make Sure I Won’t Feel Cold. You Can Wear Shirts And Shorts In The Day, But Early Morning And At Night It Is Quite Chilly And Cold. I Advise That You Bring A Jacket Or Blazer For The Weather Change And To Use For Cover ups As Well Because In This Region, There Is A Lot Of Muslim People, So Please Be Aware.

If You Are Interested To Anything Else, Or If You Have Any Questions You Wanna Ask, Just Let Me Know In The Comment Box Below, Or Ask Me Using My Social Media Accounts just search for @Tauyanm anywhere.

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