A Review Of Tanning Peptide And Other Tanning Methods

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A Review Of Tanning Peptide And Other Tanning Methods

Tanning Methods, dubai blogger

Tanning had rapidly become a popular activity for people residing in the United States. The easy accessibility and easy to use are two factors, which make tanning methods like tanning peptide quite popular. Other benefits like protection from the potential of skin cancer and the cosmetic benefit of looking aesthetically pleasing are a major motivation for people, who are looking for getting tanned without getting exposed to the harmful Ultraviolet radiation for long.

What is UVR and why it is dangerous?

Tanning Methods, dubai blogger

UVR is consolidated form of following three different wavelengths:

• Ultraviolet A or UVA – It forms a majority of the spectrum with wavelengths in the range of 320nm to 400nm. It’s responsible for wrinkling and aging of the skin and the creation of free radicals.

• Ultraviolet B or UVB – It amounts to 5% of the spectrum with wavelengths between 290 to 320nm. It is more intense than UVA and causes sunburn and skin reddening. It directly damages the DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid and its primary cause of skin cancer.

• Ultraviolet C or UVC – These are the shortest of the three and the ozone layer absorbs most of them and they don’t reach the surface of the earth.

Excess exposure to Ultraviolet A and B damages the cellular DNA of the skin causing mutations and triggering skin cancer.

Ultraviolet tanning

Tanning Methods, dubai blogger

The tanning can be achieved either through indoor or outdoor exposure. Despite the threat of skin cancer, people continue to use UVR exposure for tanning.

Outdoor UVR tanning or sunbathing
• Outdoor tanning is endogenous production of Beta-endorphins due to UVR exposure that has certain benefits like enhanced mental health, increase in energy, the reduction of symptoms of seasonal affective disorder
• The negative effects include premature aging, wrinkles, brown spots, Photodamage, etc.
• This is an unsafe method due to a major possibility of sunburn.

Indoor tanning
• This is offered by tanning salons that contain tanning booths and beds, which expose the person to artificial UV light
• The levels available ranges between 1 to 6 with an increase in UVA concentration as the level increases
• Concentration of UVB is higher in case of tanning beds
• The continuous exposure of UVA and UVB may cause melanoma.

Topical self-tanners
These are the products that provide an appearance of tan on being applied to the skin. They are available in various forms such as gels, sprays, lotions, creams, etc. A few types of topical self-tanners are as follows
Temporary bronzers – It provides a tanned appearance and it is easily removable by water, soap.
Self-Tanners containing DHA or dihydroxyacetone – It reacts with amino acids in Stratum Corneum causing Maillard reaction resulting in tanning. Once applied, the tan stays for approximately a week.

Analogues of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (?-MSH)

Tanning Methods, dubai blogger

They work by binding Melanocortin receptors on Melanocytes, and thereby promoting the production of Eumelanin. The tanning peptides promote tanning and they protect the body from damage due to ultraviolet exposure.

One of the most popular tanning peptides is Melanotan 2, which is an analog of ?-MSH. It is usually injected under the skin. Melanotan 2 accelerates the skin tanning with minimal exposure to UVR all the while protecting the user from sunburn. They have minimal temporary side effects like an increased libido and appetite suppression.

The availability of above-stated tanning methods allows us to gain a tan while minimizing the risk of UVR exposure. They also provide a means of protection against skin cancer.

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