Day Trip to Anilao Beach Club in Mabini Batangas, Philippines

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Day Trip to Anilao Beach Club in Mabini Batangas, Philippines

day trip to anilao beach club, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, philippines vlog

Day Trip to Anilao Beach Club was a good trip for us! It was all unplanned to go to this specific resort, But since it is the most famous one when we were googling when to go in Batangas for a day trip, we then follow the maps and started our road trip to Anilao Beach Club.

day trip to anilao beach club, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, philippines vlog

It was a Public holiday when we went there, so I have my thoughts already that there might be too many people on the beach. But hurray! When we arrived in the Resort there were so many cars in the Parking, But I am glad that it wasn’t that many people at all,

There were 2 different groups who were there for diving or snorkeling. So most of the day, they were out doing their activities and only my family and another family having some lunch there, It was like a private resort for us that day! Which was fantastic.

day trip to anilao beach club, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, philippines vlog

We paid 750pesos each person that you can use for foods and drinks as well. It includes food + drinks + a Table or picnic hut + kayaking + snorkeling gears + Billiards and Wifi of course! We need to post those selfies and groufies aren’t we?

They will give you a list of everything you can avail by paying 750pesos so You can make sure to make use of everything you can in for a day trip to anilao beach club. All the picnic huts and tables are near the beach or water which is really good.

day trip to anilao beach club, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, philippines vlog

One thing that you need to be patient with is, those guys Selling different things in the resort. Someone was selling boiled peanuts, another one selling Set of jewelry pearls and another different one selling some other thing, they were so annoying!

They were so persistent to sell something that they get so annoying. My family is on the beach just there taking photos and they won’t stop selling you things, saying words that they will make sure you feel guilty about it. The Management should totally do something because it annoys the guests.

day trip to anilao beach club, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, philippines vlog

Good Facilities and lots of activities can be done for a day trip to anilao beach club. Snorkeling, Diving, Swimming on the beach, of course, There is no Swimming Pool, You can play Pool/Billiards, Restaurant with lots of food and drinks to choose from. Not sure if they have karaoke though, but probably there is because you’re in the Philippines haha I just didn’t have time to check it out I guess hehe.

Jetski is also available but it is not included in your 750pesos. Jetski is 5,000pesos for 1 hour. We only rented it for 30 minutes for 2,500pesos. it is fixed price but the guys who accompanied us were so nice! They’ll teach you how to drive it and give you some more time if you are nice too and if the jetski’s are not busy and not much costumers haha

day trip to anilao beach club, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, philippines vlog

We arrived for a day trip to anilao beach club around lunch time and we drove via Star Tollway. Although it was a Rainy season, we were totally in luck that day coz it didn’t rain, also not much Sun which is always good. Because the majority of the Filipinos don’t like getting so Tan and have that dark skin ?


-Great way to spend a Day Trip or Two!

-Good for Families and Friends of any age

-Entrance Fee of 750pesos is Consumable to food and drinks + a Table or Kubo/Picnic Huts Also, you can use some of their ABC amenities unlimited the whole day.

-Staffs are helpful and nice.

-Food is good! Kudos to the cooks/chefs!

-WIFI is available anywhere in the resort.


-I ordered a CHEESECAKE for take-out with some other food to consume all our remaining balance and the girl Forget to put it in, So yeah, Anilao Beach Resort, I’ll be coming back for my cheesecake #BigDeal ?

-As I said above, the girl (I forgot her name) one of the restaurant staff keeps on forgetting my orders since the first one. For example, We ordered a banana split and they served us 2plates of the banana split without a Banana in it and just ice cream scoops LOL ? and like my cheesecake for take-out and some others.

-The Management should do something about those people selling us something in their beach resort but ended up annoying Guests so much by asking us the whole day to buy something while we’re trying to have fun on the beach and try not to hear any annoying words.

-No Swimming Pool ? So if you’re scared of the Sea/Ocean, You’ve been informed. Again there is no Swimming Pool LOL So no Infinity Pool Selfies?

You can WATCH the VLOG below to see my Anilao Video!

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Anilao Beach Club Video Starts at 6:00 Hope you enjoy it!

All in all, I recommend visiting Anilao Beach Club. It is a great place for celebrations, long holiday or even just for a day trip.

If you have any questions about the day trip to anilao beach club Just let me know in the Comment box below! Would love to hear from you guys! =)

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