Unboxing: Gobdigoun Watery Makeup Skincare Set

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Unboxing: Gobdigoun Watery Makeup Skincare Set #koreanbeauty

Gobdigoun Review, dubai blogger, beauty blogger

Hello, guys! Today I am sharing you again another wonderful product from Gobdigoun! Sounds familiar? Because I have blogged and reviewed their other products not so long ago before, READ the Blogpost here, WATCH the Video here. Gobdigoun Products are amazing! The cutest, adorable packaging, and effective products for your skin.

Gobdigoun Review, dubai blogger, beauty blogger

Goat Milk First Step Tinted Tone-Up Cream:

Goat Milk is high in Moisture Content (88%). It provides sufficient hydration white protein enzyme that helps remove dead skin cells on your face. -What I like about this product is, It does not have a smell so It won’t go over to your perfume or other face products that you have to apply. The product is also really nice as it has lotion type but watery in texture. You won’t have that thick feeling after applying it to your face rather you’ll get a very smooth feeling.

Gobdigoun Review, dubai blogger, beauty blogger

Pink Pigment First Step Tinted Moisturizer: 

This Tinted Moisturizer Aims at skin st skin hydration, pink color adjustment, makeup durability and mitigation of minor skin traction. Its main Ingredient Snail Mucin is one of the most important skins constituent in relation to skin elasticity. The substance is expected to be efficient in maintaining hydration and gloss of facial skin. -The product is also lotion type, does not have a smell, watery in texture and smooth and not sticky after applying on my face. One thing I noticed is the product has some glitters or shiny particles in it which are really cool and probably the reason why your skin will look glossy and alive after applying it.

Gobdigoun Review, dubai blogger, beauty blogger

Skin Milk Conditioner: 

Skin Milk Conditioner has Ceramide and Milk protein extract which is easily absorbed into the skin quickly to make it feel smooth and super soft. It has Vitamin-C and White flower substances from Peony Flower, Lily of the Valley, and Lily Magnolia to help brighten up your skin. -The product is like a Toner for me and it does smell like one too! So if you’re wondering what the product is like then think of it as your Toner but it contains your favorite flowers in it! The product dries out really quick too after applying it to your face so you don’t need to worry about that.

Gobdigoun Review, dubai blogger, beauty blogger

Skin Milk Facial Lotion:

Skin Milk Facial Lotion has argan oil, avocado oil, essence to boost the balance between your skin for moisture. It has the flower substances as well like the previous Skin Milk Conditioner product above to help brighten your skin. -The product is in pump version and with toner smell like too or I can say the smell is from those flower substances in it. This product is quite creamier in texture but dries out quickly which is always good.

Overall, I would Totally Recommend the products! I like how the products give you that peace of mind. True to what they advertise as Watery makeup Set! All of the products above which is in the Watery Makeup set are all different in Texture but once applied to your face, It dries out so quickly and does not leave you that heavy feeling like WATER!

Gobdigoun Review, dubai blogger, beauty blogger

I Guess WATER is our magic word here! I love that the 2 other products that have a smell from the flower ingredients doesn’t leave your face that sticky feeling, and it doesn’t mix bad from the other brands of face product that you use with a smell which is really good.

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So, you guys! If you’re looking for a really nice product that is not heavy, not sticky, dries out quickly, and gives you that glossy, bright, and super moisturize skin, Then go ahead and get your Gobdigoun Watery Makeup Set now! Perfect Skin Care Set that you can use in every weather!

LIKE their Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/GobdigounEnglish/

VISIT their Website here: http://gobdigoun.com

Some other Information that can help you to Get the Products

About the Company: 
LG Household & Health Care Shop : Beautiplex created own brand Gobdigoun in 2010, which is a  higher-end cosmetic and skincare brand,.

How to buy:
-You can buy Gobdigoun products LG Brand Store, Beautiplex and Gobdigoun’s physical store in Myeong-dong ,Seoul. 

Gobdigoun Store:
Address : 22-10, Chungmu-ro1ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Open hour: 0900-2300
Beautiplex Store:
Address : 26, Myeongdong8ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Open hour: 0900-2300

-You can make the order in Facebook Fanpage shop,make the payment by Paypal and international remittance.
Please post map image and fanpage link: https://www.facebook.com/GobdigounEnglish

3.For the SNS,
Facebook feed : Please tag and hash tag #gobdigoun #????
Iinstagram feed :  Please tag and hash tag #gobdigoun #???? 

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