6 Skincare Products to Pamper Your Feet With

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6 Skincare Products to Pamper Your Feet With

Feet are an often-overlooked part of the body when it comes to pampering. It’s ironic because our feet arguably takes the most amount of abuse on any given day – you stand for hours, walk around, you stuff them into uncomfortable shoes, and sometimes even subject them to the elements. However, taking care of your feet can be a special ritual that can help you feel soothed and relaxed while giving them some much-needed attention. Below are a few products your toes and soles are going to enjoy:

pamper your feet

Missha Home Aesthetic Paraffin Treatment Foot Mask
Achieve all the results of a paraffin treatment from the comfort of your own home with Missha’s Home Aesthetic Paraffin Foot Mask. It’s designed to treat the buildup of dead skin and cracks in your sole. Made with natural plant oils and urea that help make the skin on your feet smooth and soft, it also contains lemon and ginger extracts that will refresh your stompers after a long day. This product is recommended for use at least 2 to 3 times a week for best results.

Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid
One of Tony Moly’s best-selling products is the Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid. Each package comes with two plastic sheet “socks” and an essence made out of peppermint extracts, argan oil, and lavender. It also contains alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids which remove dead skin cells and callouses painlessly. After soaking your feet in the solution for an hour and a half, the toughened surface layer of skin under your feet will begin to peel off, leaving only the soft, smooth skin underneath.

Tony Moly Fresh Peppermint Foot Mask
A sheet mask for your feet! This foot mask contains refreshing peppermint extracts and soothing lavender to moisturize and soften your feet and toes. To use, wash your feet and dry them before wearing the socks. Leave them on for about 20 minutes before rinsing. The results are immediate: your feet will emerge feeling softer and more hydrated than before.

Tony Moly Shiny Foot Moisture Cream
Your feet can be the driest part of your entire body, causing the skin to toughen and then flake off. Prevent this unsightly mess from happening by using Tony Moly’s Shiny Foot Moisture Cream: made with natural argan oil and vitamin E, it creates a hydrating veil that locks moisture in and protects your feet from the elements. It’s best used after a peeling or exfoliating session. After washing and drying your feet thoroughly, apply a moderate amount of cream and massage it into the skin, taking special care to cover problem areas such as the sole and where callouses often form.

Tony Moly Field Manual Defense Foot Patch
“Defense Foot Patch” is a pretty strong name for a product. This patch comes in a camouflage packaging, further emphasizing its toughness. It was created to address the damage that comes from having feet trapped in tight military boots. This is because in South Korea, military conscription is mandatory for all males aged 18 to 35, and to them, this product is a godsend. It’s also a godsend for thousands of Korean women suffering from blisters as a result of wearing high heels or shoes that haven’t yet worn down properly. Before wearing shoes, wash your feet and dry them off with a towel. Apply the patch in the areas most vulnerable to blistering, such as the back of the foot, the ball of the foot, or over the protrusion below your big toe.

A’pieu So Cool Relaxing Leg Patch
Tired, swollen legs? These leg patches contain lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and menthol to deliver an instant cooling sensation that will bring the swelling down. Each package comes with four patches and they are best applied to clean dry skin.

While they may not take the center stage often, your feet still deserve all the pampering they can get. Give them the TLC they need at the end of a hard day or every week; you can be sure that your whole body will thank you for it.

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