Chinese Festivals You Need To Plan For When Visiting China

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Chinese Festivals You Need To Plan For When Visiting China

Chinese Festivals

Throughout the year, there are more than quirky traditions and cultural celebrations that are celebrated by everyone in China. In case you are planning a trip to China and you are interested in witnessing and taking part in the festivals then you have nothing to worry about since no matter the time of the year, there are festivals celebrated all around China. In this article, we shall discuss some of those breath-taking festivals.

Qingdao Beer Festival

For the beer-lovers, August is the month to be in Qingdao, China. In this month, the city conducts drinking competitions, nightly entertainment, and beer tasting for sixteen days. In addition to beer, Qingdao also hosts Asahi from Japan and Corona from Mexico both of which are international favourites. During the fortnight, expect the beer to flow heavily; and as a tourist or a foreigner for that matter, be sure to witness how the Chinese people take great pride in having and showing their visitors a good time. During the season, you only spend less for the beer since you will certainly be handed free beer and a Gan Bei by the Chinese people.

Dragon Boat Festival

On every Chinese Lunar Year exactly at the fifth day of the fifth month, the Chinese usually celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival which is meant to commemorate the death of a beloved poet called Qu Yuan which happened in 278 BC. Dragon Boat Races are one of the ways they celebrate this festival. The festival is arguably the best spectacle in China. It is conducted in Houhai Lake in Beijing or the Mi Lo River in Hunan which came to fame after Qu Yuan committed suicide there. During the race, people eat the traditional food called the Zongzi which is said to have been fed to the fish so as to stop them from eating Qu Yuan’s body.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Heilongjiang province is one place known to have ice as a result of its low temperatures which are usually around 1°F. For you to participate in this festival, you need strong cold weather gear to help you beat the extremely low temperatures. During the festival, be ready to visit the Sun Island which has enormous snow and ice sculptures, the place has ice with a size of a building. During the night, it is even more exciting as you get to witness winter wonderland with sculptures illuminated by different coloured lights.

Yunnan Water Festival

This is one festival that will make you contact a tour company. The China Travel Company offers China tours in 2018 and they can help you plan your trip to China. Yunnan Festival is a tradition for the Dai people which they have been exercising from the ancient times. The festival entails people pouring water on each other where they argue by doing so they are cleaning each other from bad luck. In fact, the festival is more like a community-wide water fight. This festival is for everyone since it starts with the bathing of the Buddha, then the family, friends, and lastly the tourists who are passing by and those that are interested in participating in the festival.

Chinese Valentine’s Day

The Chinese Valentine’s Day is the festival that commemorates Altair and Vega who were two lovers that were separated by space and time. In addition to the romance in the festival, there are also the jiaozi dumplings which you enjoy with friends. There are also traditional noodles. At night during this kind of festival, it is the ideal moment to take your loved ones to Shichahai Lake.

Book your trip to China and get a chance to learn more about Chinese traditions through these festivals.

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