Is There An Engagement Ring For Every Personality?

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Is There An Engagement Ring For Every Personality?

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Are you getting ready to buy your girl an engagement ring and propose? Then, now is the time to pay closer attention to her daily life. This is because not only will you pick up hints on what kind of jewellery she prefers but you’ll also notice if she wears any to work or to the gym. These are key details since you want her engagement ring to complement her lifestyle.

• Begin listening to your girlfriend more carefully as she talks about her tastes in jewellery. You may gain some hints as she gushes about her friend’s halo-style engagement ring, or if she subtly says how she likes the look of platinum. If you want to keep the proposal a surprise, try to peek at her inspiration board or look at some of her other rings for ideas. If not, window shopping for rings together will give you some clues of which rings she gravitates towards first.

• Keep her lifestyle in mind when considering which ring to buy. Is she planning to wear it at work and show it off or does she want to keep it more discreet. Does she have job where she works with her hands frequently, such as a chef, or does she teach sports? She may take her ring off frequently or need a simple solitaire in secure prong settings.

• Consider both her career and hobbies equally. Is she a cop or a social worker or does she have to travel internationally for work? Consider giving her an engagement ring with a delicate pave band with smaller stones so it looks more discreet. On the other hand, if she is a professional fashion designer or public relations agent, consider presenting her with an elaborate and sparkling ring that will be the talk of her workplace.

• Consider all aspects of the ring. Research which precious metal would work best for her lifestyle. Platinum is the sturdiest, which would be ideal if she is a physical therapist. This way, her ring is less likely to be damaged. If she is active, consider if you want a prong setting or if that is risky and you want to look at other options.

• Analyse her personality when choosing her ring. If she’s really feminine and romantic, look for styles that look vintage with intricate detailing, floral motifs, and coloured gemstones and sparkling diamonds. However, if she’s always up to date on modern and glamorous trends, consider a halo setting. This kind of setting really makes your centre stone pop and shine and looks stunning paired with a slender pave band. If she’s more of a tomboy and is always working out or playing sports after work, thinking about buying a ring in a bezel setting. These work best since there are no prongs to get tangled in her hair or equipment. Ringleaders have the most unique engagement rings, and you’ll be sure to find one to complement your girlfriend’s personality.

While many brides-to-be love engagement ring and simply not wear it in certain situations, why should they? Don’t you want to give her a ring that she can wear all the time?

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