The Beach, JBR + Kite Surf Beach Vlog!

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The Beach, JBR + Kite Surf Beach Vlog! #mydubai #visitdubai #dubaiblogger

The Beach JBR and the Kite Surf Beach are just one of the many beaches that you can find in Dubai. I’ve been here long enough and I am loving every bit of it, Although summer is quite a challenge to get out there, Still worth living here despite the weather. Dubai is rich with many things that you can do with your families! Come visit and you’ll see what I’m trying to say here haha ?

the beach jbr, kite beach, mydubai, dubaiblogger

The Beach JBR is probably the most tourist favorite! You can walk from Marina Mall, Marina Walk. It can be too many tourist or too many people at one point that it is a NO GO for us if we visit on holidays or weekends. Although what we love best are the cabanas and food and activities! They have a market at the beach too so you can combine shopping and relax with your family. The Beach JBR is a combination of many things that you need when living in Dubai Hence, expats, and tourist love to stay in that area, Marina. They have the beach, good view from your house, activities, and food!

At  The Beach You can Rent the following from 8am to sunset:
-Cabana 310aed -4 complimentary towel
-2sunbeds 195aed -2 complimentary towels
-1Single sunbed 110aed -1 complimentary towel.

They have free toilets around the place and you can use the Showers 1.5minutes for 5aed. Foods are available too and they can delivery it to your cabana or sunbeds which is just perfect. But you can bring your own food of course! No worries with that! or you can bring just everything and setup your own space at the beach.

Some other things you can do at The Beach are Water Sports, Arabic Tent, Beach Football, Tennis, Water Slide and Water Splash for kids! They are all Paid Activities with timings. CLICK ME for more information about what you can do at The Beach JBR. Let me know what’s your favorite!

the beach jbr, kite beach, mydubai, dubaiblogger

Kite Surf Beach is another place we love to go for more relaxing and peaceful family day. This beach is quiet and serene. Feels like having a vacation when coming here. Although There are no activities that I have known I think they have Kite Surfing there hence, the name Kite Beach. But not much compared to The Beach JBR which is full on.

Kite Surf Beach Don’t have restaurants available nearby so I suggest you bring everything from Umbrellas, towels, chairs, and Food of course in a cooler haha because you know it can be hot and you don’t wanna be drinking hot drinks or spoiled food!

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Here are some behind the scenes of what I look like when taking Gopro Photos/Videos So you guys have an Idea?

Favorite Beach between the two would be Kite Surf Beach even though we have to bring everything.
Because, it is quiet, more relaxing and peaceful. Just the perfect beach if you want just a day of feeling like you’re somewhere far away from home, and enjoying every moment of it.

The Beach JBR though for us is more of when we have occasions or celebrations then we go to this beach. Restaurants are cool to have and being pampered with cabanas and see people to connect with humans I guess haha We don’t really go out much so Seeing people just walking around and getting their tans are just good to see sometimes.

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So which Beach is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to watch the video to see the difference between each beach!

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Till next time everyone! Have a good day! cheers, Jane ?

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