Review: Golden Star Hotel Al Buraimi, Oman

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Review: Golden Star Hotel Al Buraimi, Oman #mydubai

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Being a tourist in another country especially if there is another country next to it where you can just Drive is such an amazing opportunity to any traveler! You know Dubai is a Country Where there is a never ending Road Trips!

First time to be in Oman, Al Buraimi to be exact. Just another random Road trip with my family. We went there and stayed for 48hours. We stayed in Golden Star Hotel via The place is really good, the interiors/sofa/couch in their lobby is very well, elegant and all very clean, no smell, nothing bad to say.


We booked a 1-room – 2-bed suite which is really huge! Too many spaces which I love! Did you see the bathrooms? It is way so big than I expected! and we got 2 of them ? Fridge, hot shower is all available. You can ask for a small thermos because it is not included in the room. You definitely need to buy cups for hot coffee or choco because it is not available in the room either.

There is wifi available everywhere in the hotel, from your room to the lobby, a restaurant, coffee shop, barber shop, laundry is also available in the Hotel so everything is convenient. There is a walking distance market where you can buy other things you need so that is a good news. Bad news? There is no Swimming Pool or other things that you can do but, To just stay there & drive somewhere else around instead. The hotel is quiet! The Staff was nice too & approachable.

There are other hotels nearby as well, I mean lots of them just next to each other. But some of them are lacking website information or contacts, probably for the reason that travel agencies from Dubai already booked those hotels which are normal here for tourists. So make sure you booked a week, at least before your trip there or you’ll end up nowhere to stay.

Or what you can do is Book with Dubai travel agencies, if you don’t have your own car, they will arrange your ride to go back and forth to Dubai, Arrange hotels and your visa if you need one.

The Verdict is Golden Star Hotel is a really good place to stay if you’re finding a suitable hotel for you in Oman, Al Burami. It is clean, everything you need is available from wifi to places to eat or buy your essential things. Price is reasonable too!

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