Arab Fashion Week May2017 Photos & Video #dubaifashionblogger

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(Arab Fashion Week May2017 Photos & Video #dubaifashionblogger

Designers Recap for Arab Fashion Week Resort & Ready Couture 2018: Rad Hourani, Jenanne Filat, Mrhua Mrshua, Abdo Aoudi and Marchesa – Next Generation, Jeans Couture, Laura Mancini & Ilse Jara – Eckett Couture, Malliny, Speranza Couture, Indonesian Designers (Saptodjojokartiko, Khanaan, Mel Ahyar) and Renato Balestra – Aiisha Ramadan, Bruno Caruso, Kristina Fidelskaya, Sylwia Romaniuk, and Michael Cinco – INGIE Paris, Marchesa Bridal and Antonio Marras.

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Also, I only attended Day4-Day5 of the shows, so if you’re looking for the designer’s photos, You can probably CLICK ME and enjoy the photos and videos available in Arab Fashion Week Facebook.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to Arab Fashion Week for having me once again! and to much more in the future! Every staff is really nice and approachable! CLICK ME to read the other Blogpost!

Hope that the photos & video below are good enough for you guys! I wasn’t sitting FRONT ROW of all the shows, so it was kinda sad that I have few other designers that I didn’t get to take photos of getting a proper video of their collection because if you guys know how hard to take photos with heads hanging in front of you like a pirate fake movies you see online haha

WISH I can sit front row the whole shows available instead of those people who just take selfies of themselves or their thigh high boots that obviously not interested to see the amazing collection or how great and awesome the fabrics that are used for the clothes! Did they even notice those cute shoes? and accessories? I bet not! Cause they just keep on dropping their phones on the runway.

Meanwhile, you can CLICK the PHOTOS below to VIEW them in Bigger Size!

Another thing I like attending fashion week is meeting new people that I can be friends with! Although let’s be honest, I’ve encountered so many “not so nice” girls during the Arab Fashion Week, Like when I wanted to sit next to them, but tellin’ me someone’s already sitting there but no one IRL. or Maybe because I look Asian (not being racist here) or Probably one obvious reason is that I’m not wearing Designer outfit or Don’t look like a rich kid haha I just LOL? at them. Don’t wanna be rude or bash of how they look (oops!) but come on! As Ellen always says, be kind to one another. It doesn’t hurt to be nice.

arab fashion week, dubai blogger

So I’m just thankful that along the way, the purpose of it all meeting the not so kind people is meeting these beautiful people who are full of goodness and have a sense of humor and I couldn’t ask for more! Shout out to Kate and Asad! Miss you guys!

Don’t forget to WATCH the VIDEO below to see the FULL SHOW!


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Till next time everyone! Have a good day! cheers, Jane ?


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