International Fashion Week Dubai MAY’17

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International Fashion Week Dubai May 05, 2017 in Sofitel The Palms

Hello, everyone! Thanks for coming back to my blog and read the updated information. I was in another fashion week yesterday so this update is one day late, Forgive me for I am quite busy and not assistant haha…..

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You can CLICK THE PHOTO to view them in BIGGER size! Enjoy!

Present Designers who showcased their amazing collections are from different countries! Angelo Estrada Philippines – Antonio Vietri Italy – Luminita Rizescu Romania – Danijela Bozic Serbia –
For more information about the designers and shows,
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It is my very first time to attend the International Fashion Week, As normal Fashion Shows, and always happen, The show started so late but never disappoint. Love seeing different designers from different countries showcasing their talents and collections. I would say that I like each and every collection. Who would have thought that I’ll be seeing a Shoe Designer after all this time that I am away in Malaysia where we have Shoe Festival. Shoe Festival.

The location of the place is quite far, Sofitel the Palms, Cost me a fortune If I go there every night 100dirhams each way haha so I only go for one night and try to enjoy each show which I wish I always get to SIT FRONT ROW so I can take nicer photos for my blog and youtube and to share with you all! Because you know, Some people sitting in the front row is not really interested looking at the designs but just taking selfies of them and their thigh-high boots the whole show, So please don’t waste the front row and give it to ME or to Others who are a fan and interested seeing the collections and who really appreciate all the efforts of the designers.

international fashion week dubai, dubai blogger, mydubai

Don’t Forget to watch the Youtube Video to see the Models in Action!



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International Fashion Week Dubai is one of those fashion shows that one must come, visit and experience!
Because every designer that come from different countries deserved to be there and be seen by everyone!
All of them are very talented with each unique piece that they on brought for us to see!

Kudos to the Team & Crew of the Fashion Show too! Great job organizing the event! Till the next show!

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Till next time everyone! Have a good day! cheers, jane ?


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