Visit Women’s Museum #mydubai

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Visit Women’s Museum #mydubai

womens museum

There are many misconceptions about being a Women in a Muslim Country. Being in Dubai for quite some time now, I’ve been walking around Dubai and trying to learn more and new things about this amazing country. CLICK ME to see some of my travels! that I’m sure you guys will learn a lot of would love to fly right away in Dubai!

The career of Professor Rafia Obaid Ghubash, the Founder of The Women’s Museum, has to be seen in the light of both the society in which she was born and the society she aims to educate.

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Women’s Museum is located walking distance to Dubai Gold Souk. The street going there is kinda hard to find so you might wanna ask locals around but you can CLICK ME to see how you can reach the Museum Easily Visiting Women’s Museum is an eye-opener for me. It made me realize how these women strive for the best from getting their education, how do they live from long ago, and those achievements that made them a big part of Dubai.

In the museum, you’ll also see photos and portraits of Different men, from the Sheiks to normal people in their everyday lives in UAE. I was told by the girl who looks after the Museum that there are parts of the museum that are not allowed to take photos of video, But I only saw one room (Sorry if I missed other rooms but that was not my intention at all, Didn’t really see the others but only 1 room) That room that is not allowed for any photos and videos contains old mail stamps, old photos of Dubai, some valuable things that people share to Women’s Museum and Old bills or coins which are all fascinating.

It costs 20aed to enter the Museum. Nearest Metro is Al Ras Green Line or you can come which ever transportation you use to visit the Gold Souq then go ahead and walk to Women’s Museum. The museum has an elevator to go to other floors lobby, 1st floor, 2nd floor. It is air-conditioned and very well maintained.

For more information visit their website www.womenmuseumuae.comFacebook Page

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8 thoughts on “Visit Women’s Museum #mydubai

  1. Am not sure they is a similar place here, but this should be an interesting place to visit with the family. Visiting museums is always a joy as there are loads of interesting things to see and exciting new things to learn.

  2. Interesting! I love to visit museums but I am just sad that here in the Philippines, we seldom gave importance to it. Someday, I will take my own photos and videos inside that museum too!

  3. Very interesting! I love going to museums and I make it a point to visit one in whatever place we’re visiting. I’ve not been to Dubai, perhaps someday I’ll be fortunate enough to get to visit. 🙂

  4. I think I’d love to go to Dubai someday (when we can already afford it) just for vacation! This museum looks really special and filled with interesting information! 🙂

  5. You’ve been to a lot of countries na, I envy you haha. I’m happy to see Dubai and learn about their culture and history through your blogposts.

  6. It’s nice to know that there are museums dedicated to women such as this. I love going to museums; they’re the best way to know more about the country, and its history and culture. 🙂

  7. The last time I visited your blog, you were based in KL. Now in Dubai na pala, good that I can learn and see Dubai through your blog.

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