Carluccio’s Restaurant – The Dubai Mall

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Carluccio’s Restaurant – The Dubai Mall

Carluccios Restaurant is Located in The Dubai Mall, Largest Shopping Mall in the world. This Restaurant is strategically located where you can enjoy the Best View of the Fountain and the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. During summer which is just around the corner, It is best to stay inside the restaurant and is accessible inside the shopping mall too with their coffee shop where you can chill and meet up with some friends or if you just happen to passed by like we did.

carluccio's, dubai mall, dubai food blogger
Seafood Skewers 78aed – Mixed of Salmon, Prawns, Zucchini, and pepper with sauce, Served with saffron risotto with toasted almonds. -This is a nice mixed of seafood with sauce which I quite Enjoyed with our side dishes. The risotto (rice?) is a bit hard kinda like, Half cooked rice? Not entirely sure if it is supposed to be like that hard for risotto but I didn’t like it. Seafood Skewers is good and the serving is just perfect.

carluccio's, dubai mall, dubai food blogger
Wrapped Scallops 85aed – Fresh Scallops wrapped in Smokey beef pancetta with a spicy arrabbiata sauce and pangritata. – For my liking, the kind of spicy-ness of this dish is not that good for me. It has that funny spicy after taste that I am not fond of. Although, I am surprised by how big the scallops were! They were huge and I thought that I’ve never seen that kind of scallop size before haha Big serving is always good right?

carluccio's, dubai mall, dubai food blogger

Mint Lemonade 21aed – Tropical Smoothie 23aed – Drinks were amazing! We almost finished the whole glass right after the waitress served it to us! Both are refreshing, perfect when chilling outside enjoying the view. Bread Stick is a freebie ?

VERDICT: Over all the Restaurant is an amazing place to enjoy a meal (if you’re not on a budget) We spent 207aed for the food and drinks for TWO PEOPLE ONLY. Not recommended for on a budget tourist unless you’re willing to pay that much for brunch then go ahead. The food serving is fair enough with the price attached to it + you’re paying for the good location too.

Carluccio’s Restaurant has a very nice interior and friendly staff ready to serve you with a smile and very attentive eve though the place is big. They have a coffee shop that is accessible from the inside shopping mall, Then the Restaurant where you can enjoy your food either inside with A/C or outside with a good view! Let me know if you love Italian Food! ??

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10 thoughts on “Carluccio’s Restaurant – The Dubai Mall

  1. It’s a bad idea to visit this post on an empty stomach. Now I am even hungrier just seeing these photos! If only I can grab a bite or two from the screen! I definitely would love to try the seafood skewer and those refreshing drinks!

  2. The kebabs look luscious! Agggghhh now I am getting hungry. While we travel on a budget, we try to make sure that we eat in at least one nice restaurant in the place that we visit. So this is a nice recommendation. 😀

  3. The seafood skewers spells summer for me. It’s as refreshing as the mint smoothie. I agree with the price, but I guess you’re also paying for the view that you’ll get when dining there.

  4. the food looks yummy, now I’m craving for seafood skewers. I hope I can find a good restaurant that sells some here in the Philippines

  5. I am reading your blog post at 2:25AM and it really made me hungry! This is bad. I am craving for seafood skewers right now!

  6. I haven’t been there but it seems like everything in Dubai is fantastic and glamorous – buildings, clothes, jewelry, and now even restaurants. It’s really great how they turn the place into something awesome.

  7. You had me drooling at the seafood skewers, I’m allergic to seafood, but who cares, I’d take anti-histamine after! 😛

    And then omg wrapped scallops! It looks so very delish!

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