Sheik Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding #mydubai

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Sheik Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding #mydubai

Sheik Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding is another place that you must visit when you come to Dubai. This is the place where you can learn a lot about Muslim People and Islam. To be able to do this, You have to visit their website (below) and book for it, People in Groups would be much better as they serve their Traditional Emirati foods too! The More the merrier right? CLICK ME to visit my other TRAVEL Adventures! ??-??-?? CLICK ME to watch my travel videos!

sheik mohammed, #mydubai

Got any questions about Muslim, Islam, About the Mosque, Their Prayers, or more about Dubai? then this is the place to be, While sitting down and eating Traditional Emirati Meals, there will be people serving the drinks for you and you can get your own food served right in front of you, Then someone will be there and sit down with you all and ready to answer your questions. One of the exciting part is going to Inside the mosque! It was beautiful!

Questions that were asked are, How does having 1 or 2 wives works if you’re a Muslim and everything that goes with it?? What are the different types or names of Muslim clothes? Someone also asked about the Story of Ramadan and how does it work and what are the exceptions during fasting? Other questions are how does the Prayer works? the timings and how the Mosque works and why is the Mosque design that way. The do’s and dont’s and other details.

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As much as I wanted to share Our amazing and lots of learning conversation during the cultural meal, I was not allowed to do it. It is allowed to film videos but She told us to please not share the videos with the conversation in it. So you just need to come and visit one day! PS: Pictures are very welcome too! ?

All of the questions that you can think of! Just ask away! It was indeed an eye-opening for me and everyone who’s with me that day. The girl who answered our questions was very very nice and welcoming for us to asks for more. For me, it is very important to know about all of these and to be able to be answered by a Muslim herself is incredible. Because I live in Dubai now, This is my second Home, and where we enjoy our life for the next years to come.

Also When visiting the Place, Someone will be giving your group a tour, She will be walking you to the houses around and explain why is the door especially place in a way that is not facing the other doors, why are some windows so high and how those wind towers works around their houses, Also amazing is how their houses were made of coral stones and gypsum! During that time, you guys will notice that walking around the old like village houses in Small streets have so much breeze that will keep you cool, because the village before is specially designed in a way that the breeze or the wind will circulate, or to spread around the village. A lot of things that I still need to know, If you guys have questions Just let me know in the comment box below!

I am sure you guys have so many questions, In a world where we live in right now, it is more and much better to learn and to educate people. On my next blog and travel video, I will be talking about my Experience when I visited the Dubai Women’s Museum, another incredible place for you to visit! More information coming up very soon!

Breakfast is hosted every Monday & Wednesday at 10:00am.
Lunch is hosted every Sunday through Thursday at 1:00pm.
Cultural Dinner every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday evening at 7:00pm.
Cultural Brunch every Saturday at 10:30am.
You may CLICK ME to book in advance which is always better! Visit their website:

You guys might be thinking why I never answered any questions that I learned from the Tour? It is part of the suspense haha You guys just have to come and visit #mydubai and book your tour to learn more about it!

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18 thoughts on “Sheik Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding #mydubai

  1. There are a lot of misconceptions about the Muslim culture and religion. This is a great way to learn about it plus get to experience it. Are you allowed to wear their clothing too?

    1. i’ve been to a lot of mosques and it is a must to be covered and wear scarf to cover your head and anything else that needs to be covered. on a normal day, I am sure that we can all wear scarf specially during summer in dubai it is a must for weather purposes. hehe

  2. I will tell my sister who works in Dubai to take me at Sheik Mohammed Centre, when I visit her in October. It’s good that when you travel places, you learn about the culture and food. – KarenT

  3. a friend of mine who’ in this country invited me for a vacay… will surely visit the place and other interesting places in Dubia para sulit

  4. I’ve friends who have worked in Dubai and they have told me that it is such a wonderful place to visit, and your video only confirmed what I have heard about Dubai. I’d definitely want to visit this country one day and experience their interesting culture and learn more about their religion too.

  5. Very interesting. It would make a great experience for visitors in Dubai to learn about their culture and about Islam. There are a lot of misconceptions about Islam and a visit Sheik Mohammed Centre should be a must for tourists.

    1. agree about islam. i am surprised myself learning lots of things about it

  6. I have half muslim cousins and I used to visit them during summer when I was in HS and college so I am pretty much exposed to their traditions/culture…there are muslim dishes I love too! Really interesting! I would love to learn more of it though this time in a different place! How I wish I’ll get the chance to visit Dubai one day. 🙂

  7. I’ve never been to Dubai, but my friends were able to visit the place. If God permits, I will visit Dubai together with my family and visit the place. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for sharing this!:)
    I still have a lot to learn about the Muslim culture. My sister now resides in Qatar. She’s a doctor there. Is Qatar near Dubai? My geography knowledge is a bit rusty. I really hope one day could visit and learn things from that side of the world!

    Hugs from the Eastern Side 🙂

  9. I haven’t been to Dubai and haven’t thought of going because I have this notion that it’s an expensive place to go. But since you mentioned cultural experience. it makes me wanna go. There are also other places that were shown in the Korean Game Show, Running Man, that I want to visit. Are they hiring teachers there? I might apply so I can afford to visit. ^_^

    1. omg! yes! they hire a lot of teachers here, They have The Philippines school here too for the filipino kids. My daughter is studying in Gems and her teacher is Filipino too =) you might wanna try and apply hehe. Also everyone thinks Dubai is expensive. But if you know where to go and DIY your travel everything is good. Groceries here is the same in KL.

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