Khan Murjan Restaurant in Wafi Mall

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Khan Murjan Restaurant in Wafi Mall in Dubai, UAE

Khan Murjan Restaurant, dubai blogger

Khan Murjan Restaurant is one of the beautiful Food Place that I’ve been to. The Ambiance of the place will just take you to the old times on how the people drink or eat their food and just chill, Enjoying life.

Khan Murjan Restaurant is located underground or Lower Ground floor of the Wafi Mall City. I’ve been there 2x and somehow it still amazes me Everytime I come back to have a walk or look around.

Now, If you guys don’t know the Wafi city is one with the Pyramid shaped building that you can see when you come and visit Dubai. They have some amazing architectures there that you will surely enjoy. I will be doing a separate post for that with a vlog so I can give you guys a Virtual Tour on this place.

Back on the Food topic. My Mother in law and I always try to get something different to eat when walking around Dubai. So we finally decided to stop over to Khan Murjan Restaurant since we were there already. The place was quiet when we arrived. Probably tourists already know how expensive it is to eat there haha ?

FOOD: Although we didn’t order the whole menu and only tried 1 dish and couple of hot drinks, The serving of the food was disappointing. I think it was only like half a cup of white rice (nothing special) with pomegranate on top with marinated chicken cubed with capsicum and onions. For the price of 78aed, small portion, I think it was over priced. I’d rather eat somewhere else where I can get much the price of 78aed and good too which is a lot around the place. Tourists you’ve been warned LOL Aroos Damascus is another Place to try if you want a really good Arabic Food, Big serving + affordable!

LOCATION: The location is amazing. Nearest Metro station is Dubai Healthcare City where you can walk around and enjoy the quiet scenery. Khan Murjan location is right inside the underground of Wafi City Mall. Tourists buses like Bigbus or HOHO comes here and stop over for tourists to walk around the Old Khan Murjan Souk. It was peaceful there to enjoy your meal (if you don’t mind eating expensive food) Best to have some relax and take your time when eating alone or with friends.

SERVICE: Nothing special with The Staff/Service. Maybe because it was not much of people when we had our meal there that is why they are very attentive. I guess around 4-5 tables were occupied that day. They seem to be enjoying their foods too! I cannot even imagine how the service will be if the place is Full.

VERDICT: The place is recommended in terms of food, location, service and satisfaction. Also, if you don’t mind paying that much then you can go ahead. I think the place, is a good location to celebrate something like birthdays, etc… for the ambiance of the place is really good and beautiful! But as you have to think, it will cost at least 250aed for two people Max to just eat there. But if you’re on a budget, this is not the place to be. If you wanna try it, Go ahead and enjoy the food and the ambiance.

I’ve seen some other reviews about the place and they seem to be pleased and happy with the food and the price. You know, there are lots of rich people in Dubai who’s willing to pay so why not! hehe But for the “normal” or tourist who just really need something to eat I won’t, be coming here. Celebrations are still an exemption. You can come in this beautiful place and celebrate your birthdays and special occasions. You can CLICK ME and see their full menu and other reviews too.


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15 thoughts on “Khan Murjan Restaurant in Wafi Mall

  1. Ooo, that looks delish! Definitely better than any restaurant in any mall in my area LOL

  2. Yum! I love trying out new restaurants, and the food looks amazing. I will definitely check it out next time I am in town!

  3. Mmmm looks mouth watering, makes me wanna hop in my car right now and drive there lol

  4. Great restaurant on the lower level of Wafi mall serving traditional
    middle eastern dishes. Beautiful light and airy decor, great food, great
    staff. It’s a bit pricey, but the food was great.

  5. I’ve never been to Dubai, but would love to vacation there. Although this place looks nice and has a great atmosphere, I’d probably prefer to dine somewhere I can really get a bang for my buck. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. The food and ambiance pretty sum it up! A lovely place to dine. Love visiting Dubai someday.

  7. I agree, I don’t like paying that much for such little food. But then again, I rarely eat out because I used to work in restaurants and I always think to myself “I can make this at home for SOOOO much less!” It’s hard for me to spend money on fancy food lol

  8. The setting is beautiful, but it does seem like a lot of money for that dish. Nice photos! =)

  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. At least we know now where to dine and what place to avoid when we go there. lol

  10. Dubai seems like such a beautiful place to visit and the Khan Murjan sounds like a wonderful restaurant other than the smaller portion sizes.

  11. I thought it was going to be disappointing when you mentioned the serving. The place is lovely and it would be nice to dine here. If it’s affordable and good, then I’m definitely in!

  12. Sorry the serving sizes were ungenerous but the local seems to make up for that somewhat. The food itself sounds good but I would hate to leave hungry!

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