24 Hours in Dubrovnik: How to Spend a Wonderful Day in the Pearl of the Adriatic

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24 Hours in Dubrovnik: How to Spend a Wonderful Day in the Pearl of the Adriatic

Nestled between the Adriatic sea and majestic mountains, Dubrovnik’s breath-taking location is only overshadowed by the dramatic walled historic center and other wonderful treasures the city hides within. Numerous tourists are drawn to the city’s striking beauty, history and culture, and there are so many attractions and entertainment opportunities here that it would take you weeks to explore them all.

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But what do you do if you only have 24 hours available to spend in Dubrovnik? Well, here are the Holiday Taxis teams’ suggestions for an unforgettable day in the Pearl of the Adriatic!

9 a.m.

Start your morning with a good coffee at the Dubravka 1836 café & restaurant, located just outside the walls of the old city. The venue boasts an amazing view to the city walls and the bay, and the coffee here is delicious. If you’ve just arrived at Dubrovnik Airport, the best way to get here is to take a cab and enjoy a comfortable ride while you pass by spectacular panoramas.

10 a.m.

Go on a tour around the walls of the old city and get to see amazing towers, forts, casemates, and bastions to take a dive into the history of Dubrovnik. The walls have been here since the 7th century and have a lot of stories to tell you – they have been changed systematically throughout their history and have faced constant threats without giving in. The tours exploring these structures aren’t free, but they’re worth every penny, not only allowing you to understand this ancient fortress better but also providing absolutely spectacular views to the sea.

11:30 a.m.

If you’re not tired after walking the city walls, you will love strolling down the narrow, picturesque streets of the Old Town. Check out the many markets in the area or simply walk down the winding steps and admire the beautiful architecture of the buildings.

12:30 a.m.

Now you really must be hungry after all that exploring. How about you take a break and have a short lunch at Barba, a relatively new restaurant that’s already famous for its great sea dishes. The place is quite small but very sought after, so you might want to call ahead to book a table.

2:00 p.m.

Enjoy a cool drink and the most beautiful panorama at Buza Bar. Situated on the cliffs, outside the city walls, the place boasts the most stunning views you could ever imagine. Drink a cold beer or sip your mojito while you listen to the restless waves and watch old ships pass by lazily. If the hot sun has been rough on you, you can even climb down the cliffs and dive into the welcoming waters to cool off a bit before you get your next drink. It just can’t get better than this!

3:30 p.m.

Visit the St. Ignatius church, a magnificent baroque building that has been featured in Game of Thrones. Take photos of the astonishing surroundings, admire the architecture or simply sit down and enjoy the otherworldly atmosphere.

5:00 p.m.

Head over to D’vino and enjoy a glass of fine wine. With its cozy atmosphere and a great selection of drinks, the bar is just the right place to go before dinner.

7:00 p.m.

That delicious wine you had earlier must surely have boosted your appetite. Head towards Pantarul, a must-visit restaurant whether you’re looking to enjoy traditional Croatian dishes with your friends, are interested in something more modern or want to have an intimate, romantic dinner with your better half. Quite the perfect way to wrap up a wonderful day in the Pearl of the Adriatic! All that’s needed then is a Dubrovnik taxi to take you to your hotel.


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