How To Determine The Value And Quality Of A Diamond Engagement Ring

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How To Determine The Value And Quality Of A Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is no easy task. There are endless options and, if you have never shopped for a ring before, you probably have no idea where to start and what to expect. So, how do you determine a diamond engagement ring’s value and quality?

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The Quality of the Ring

There is a wide array of factors to consider when shopping for an engagement ring, but design and quality are arguably the most important.

Let’s discuss design first. Whether the ring you have your eyes on is of a high quality or not, you aren’t going to want to buy something your partner won’t love. That’s why it is important to discuss your partner’s preferences in advance. If you would prefer your proposal to be a secret, talk to her family and friends about her likes, dislikes and style. You can also try and take a peek at other pieces of jewellery that she often wears. Besides taking the stone into consideration, think about the shape of the engagement ring, along with the design of the setting and the metal of the ring.
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Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, the next consideration is the quality of the stone. You have probably heard about the four C’s – carat, clarity, cut, and colour. These four elements are useful for determining the value of the stone:

* Cut – the stone’s proportions and shapes which determine how bright it shines

* Colour – you want to aim for a stone that is as colourless as possible. Colours range from Z for a coloured diamond all the way to a D for a colourless diamond. Most diamonds fall between J and G

* Clarity – you want a stone with very little imperfections or blemishes

* Carat – this is the weight of the diamond but is usually used to refer to size

The Value of the Ring

The value, or price, of the ring, is the next important consideration when picking out the perfect engagement ring for your beloved. Ring prices can vary dramatically, and while it is important to save up for a special ring, you need to stay within a realistic budget. There really isn’t a rule of thumb when it comes to budget, and there certainly isn’t a magical number of salaried months to save up. You also don’t have to let other people’s budgets influence your own. Personal budget and quality will be your determining factors at the end of the day.

One good way to determine how much you can afford to spend on an engagement ring is to work backwards. If you have decided on a design and you pretty much know what quality you are looking for, you can get a pretty good estimate of the price range.

So, let’s say you are prepared to spend $2,000 on the ring, and you know what date you are going to propose. Use a little simple math to determine how much you should set aside each week or month to reach your goal.

Use the above factors when determining an engagement ring’s value and quality, and take your partner’s taste into account, and you’re sure to find the perfect ring!


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