What to Give Your Guy on Valentine’s Day 2017 to Capture His Heart

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What to Give Your Guy on Valentine’s Day 2017 to Capture His Heart

Top 5 List of Sure-to-Impress Winners

It used to be that a Valentine card and a box of chocolates would mark you as safe and as having done your duty to your significant other. But in recent years, consumers have stepped up their game. The bar has now been raised significantly if you want to impress your boyfriend, your husband, or your significant other’s pals.

But finding that perfect gift does not need to mean hours of fruitless searching. We’ve done the hard work for you in compiling a list sure to contain a winner. Read on for a gift that will make him fall for you all over again.

Valentine's Day

1. The perfect man- accessory.

It can be downright challenging to find the perfect man accessory that is not too over the top. While at the same time still be a trendy statement piece. When it comes to finding the right look, Frost has you covered. Building a hip hop jewelry empire is what this shop has done. And why it should be your first stop when searching for accessories for men. Their selection contains chains in all the best shades of gold. And they also boast rings, earrings, and bracelets in classic and trending styles. Most importantly, their lineup combines uniqueness with class–and will make choosing a gift a breeze.

2. A drone.

Ask most kids what secret super power they would like to have, and many will tell you how they wish they could fly. Grant your guy his childhood dream by gifting him with a drone. That way he can take to the air from the comfort of his backyard. These are not only fun to play with, but also have practical business uses, too. As they can provide fantastic pictures from the air that will have your Instagram audience squirming with envy and wanting to see more.

3. The backpacker’s backpack.

Does your guy love hikes up the hills? This year, backpacks have come back in a big way, so impressing him with this gift will score you points with hike lovers. But backpacks are not only for hikers, though. So if your guy is more trendy than sporty, he will still be impressed by your fashion knowledge. These days, the right backpack can double as a work briefcase and can even be taken to the office. Backpack styles that are in are those with a slim body that provide a very sleek look, even when worn.

4. A wallet upgrade.

Some guys will hold on to their old wallet forever. True, there is sentimental value in something that has been around forever. But if that something is falling apart and might be mistaken for trash, it is time for a better item to make the parting less devastating. Again, go for a slim wallet over one that will be an obvious wallet bulge when placed in a jean pocket. Slim leather wallets that consist of 2 to 3 pockets that hold a phone, cash, and credit cards are a minimalist’s dream come true. And for those who are not of the minimalist persuasion, then find a bi-fold with a pocket for each of his many cards. Start your search here.

5. Customized cufflinks.

The beauty of customized cufflinks is that this is a present that can’t go wrong. Step 1: Simply think of your guy’s current craze. Step 2: Then search for cufflinks that feature his favorite hobby, pastime, or current obsession. See? Simple, right? Some great ideas include monopoly cufflinks, motorbike cufflinks, and dice cufflinks. And if your guy has a very rare hobby and you are not able to find the appropriate item online, you can always order bespoke cufflinks. Yes, they will cost, but this is the kind of gift that will win you the most brownie points—but who’s counting?


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