Haul #2: Michael Kors, DKNY, Kate Spade

UAE-Dubai Blogger and Youtuber Haul #2: Michael Kors, DKNY, Kate Spade


It’s been so long since I posted a Haul Video from I have some few boxes left that I wanted to film together with the items above but I thought that It would be too long for a haul, People get bored and just wanna be on point and see what I got, So I’m trying to keep my videos now shorter to not bore my viewers.

DKNY Card Case – Is a very cute case that you can use either for your credit or debit cards or for business cards. Love the smooth leather feel of it.

Kate Spade Wrislet -I got this for the reason that I wanted a black wristlet. I have been using another brand from Malaysia which I had for 3years alrdy that fits everything even my phone but it is in a green colour. This Kate Spade wristlet is just a little bit smaller than my Malaysia Brand I got which I don’t mind. Would be better if it is the same size.

MICHAEL KORS Mercer Mini Tote -I have been wanting this bag for so long, Because it is so chic and small enough to carry when I go to the grocery haha yes, you read that right, My small bag that I’ve been using to carry when I go for grocery is dying, The handle is tearing off so I needed a new one, and thought maybe the next “grocery bag” should be more chic and looks posh! So this bag it is!

I have been enjoying shopping in a lot recently. I’m always on the look out for their updates to know when is their big SALE which all of you should wait too! Like their Facebook Page and Instagram!

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18 thoughts on “ Haul #2: Michael Kors, DKNY, Kate Spade

  1. I’m in looove with these products! I don’t really own any products from MK but after this I really want to take a look at what they offer

  2. My wife saw me reading your article and we watched your video together. When she saw the MK Mercer Mini Tote bag she said that is perfect! You gave her an idea what will be my Valentine Day gift for her…

  3. Wow this is absolutely looks beautiful and I love the purses, Looks like I want to have this

  4. Oh how cute and perfect for the season. I love finding sales for all my favorite items and accessories.

  5. Great haul! That’s my default color for everything, clothes, accessories, and more. I like the Kate Spade wristlet. I don’t like bringing a lot of things most of the time and that’s what I usually use.

  6. I love Kate Spade wristlet, i can easily put some money together with my cellphone on it. The DKNY Case is good too so we can organize our cards.

  7. The MK mini tote bag is perfect for me. I don’t carry a lot of stuff with me when I am out of the house. I love the size of this tote bag because I know it will fit all my essentials.

  8. I love the tote bag too. It’s size is perfect for my purse, kit and hair brush that I used to bring anywhere.

  9. I’ve never heard of shopbop but I will definitely be checking it out. It looks like they have some amazing deals. Thank you for sharing this!

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