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Runway Dubai 2016 #dubaifashionblogger

First of all, I just wanna say thank you to Runway Dubai for having me at the event, It was a pleasure and a great experience to see how amazing Runway Dubai Fashion Show is! The long Uber Ride from my house to the Venue was totally worth it! Felt like the whole event is for VIP’s only, Love how it is organized and looks so glam!

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Runway Dubai was held at The Sofitel, The Palm last November 2016. Was lucky to get invited and watch the whole fashion show on their last day! I have a friend who is one of the finalists for the Runway Dubai Designer.

They also had another contest called Eleven by Venus model Hunt! and the Winner was Winnie Carine! Thought She will win the title as her walk was awesome the whole show! Her charisma or presence on the runway was crazy!

Madeline Stuart was there too and walk the runway many times! She is Australian Model with Down Syndrome and walked the New York Fashion Show! Would’ve been cool if Venus Williams, Famous Tennis Player made it as well to promote her line Eleven by Venus and yes, she is the sister of another tennis player Serena Williams.

Many designers attended the event and showcase their amazing collections, From Norish Kareem from Malaysia, Talansi from Congo, Iban Salgado from Spain, Ikramini from Sweden, Josette Bayoro from Haiti, and much more on the list!

It was hard for me to choose who’s the best, but one stood out for me is Josette Bayoro of Joppa Couture. I am in love with the prints and tropical designs, I can even say that if Filipiniana’s (Philippines Traditional Clothes) were so glamour and in tropical prints, it would look like her designs! Guess she was awesome like that!

Overall the designs were all amazing and you can see all the hard work of the designers they put into each pieces of the clothes they showcase on the Runway that night! They proved to everyone how they deserved to be there!

Can’t wait for the Runway Dubai 2017! I have photos as well but will be uploaded later on as I don’t have time yet to edit all of them. But please do come back for some more updates!

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15 thoughts on “Runway Dubai #dubaifashionblogger

  1. I haven’t experienced watching a runway fashion show and I honestly don’t know what to expect. This sounds like an amazing experience.

  2. Its been years since I attended a fashion show and I was actually a model for it so thats how long ago it was looks like an amazing event

  3. What an experience! I have never been to a fashion show. I have to add it to my bucket list!

  4. You are so lucky! Runway Dubai Fashion Show looks amazing! I think Roksolana’s designs are my favorite.

  5. What an amazing experience for you & surprising as I have such a different view of what women wear in the middle east, and it”s nothing like the models were wearing here … LOL

  6. I’m sure it was an amazing experience! I’ve never seen a fashion show live. The clothes all look lovely! I love that Madeline Stuart was there too!

  7. I have never ever been to a fashion show but it looks like so much fun. The outfits are so amazing and detailed. It would truly be memorable.

  8. This looks like so much fun! I love so many of these outfits and the girls look so classy when they have their hair up in buns.

  9. Sounds like the place to be. I wonder how Venus’s sports attire fit in with all the glamorous frocks?

  10. What a great fashion show! I only started watching them recently and I really like this one! But I can’t imagine wearing any of these O:)

  11. What a great event! That was a wonderful fashion show, I’ve never been in any fashion show but if I have a chance I’m gonna love it for sure.

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