VLOG #1: Fashion Forward Dubai #ffwddxb

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#VLOG: Fashion Forward Dubai #ffwddxb #dubaifashionblogger


Hope that it is not so late yet, But this is my Vlog for Fashion Forward Dubai 2016. There’s a lot of story behind this Fashion Show. If you guys follow me on twitter @tauyanm I tweeted that @ffwddxb replied to my email saying that I do not meet the requirements to attend the shows as a blogger. Instead, They suggested that I can “register online” which means that I need to BUY the tickets of the day/s that I wanted to attend.

So I wasn’t so keen to attend the event anymore after they rejected me, But because a friend of mine that I met at the Arab Fashion Week is going for one day, So I thought that, ok, Maybe I should go, give them a chance haha and meet up with my friend again and see how “awesome” Fashion Forward Dubai is.

Also, Take note that After Fashion Forward Email saying that, I did not meet the requirements to attend as a blogger, Arab Fashion Week rescued me and saved my broken heart LOL? PS: Arab Fashion Week is so GLAM! So yeah…

Back to @ffwddxb, I just wanted to say that before they rejected me to attend the shows, They invited me first, to attend their press conference, which I didn’t get to attend to, because First, They sent the email 1 day before the event. Second, I have a driving lesson the same time as the press conference that it’s too late to cancel then. They could’ve sent the invite earlier at least 2-3days before, then I can cancel my driving lesson and attend the press conference.

So on the day of the show, It was freaking hot. The shows are located to Dubai Design District. They have this long runway which they called HALL 1 (I think) I was amazed! The tent was huge! The only disappointing about that Hall is, It was not Air-conditioned I believe, as it was so hot inside! All of us were sweating during the shows. On the other side, where they did the  Showcase, the tent was air-conditioned, I felt alive and people obviously people just wanna stay in there rather than wait outside in the hot summer weather in Dubai. It wasn’t that bad outside, but Dressing up so nice in a hot weather? nope! nope!

They have foods available and lots of things happening while waiting outside, they have cute tables, and hammocks which are my favorite! Just hope that it was not that hot hehe. The designers are amazing! Some designs are wearable which is good!

I don’t have anything against Fashion Forward Dubai, Maybe this year, They’ll invite me as a blogger, I mean, Who knows! Things change, People change, I am declaring that this year will be an awesome year for me! I mean, They are the only Fashion Show in Dubai who rejected me in 2016, I Guess that is not bad at all.

Well, this is getting so long and getting so chatty here haha Hope everyone is having an awesome 2017 so far!

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If you have not yet experience attending Fashion Forward Dubai, Don’t you guys worry, You’re not missing anything! Just follow their accounts and their amazing Bloggers on Social Media for updates! Till, the next Fashion Show dolls! muah!?


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26 thoughts on “VLOG #1: Fashion Forward Dubai #ffwddxb

  1. I have never been to a fashion show before. I love seeing new trends however and would probably really enjoy something like this.

  2. Ah that is too bad about the air conditioning. Still and the same… I’d have been glad to see it as well.

  3. It’s nice to watch fashion shows like this! I think the clothes are lovely! I admire designers for their creativity and imagination!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful fashion event to attend with lots of fun all around. I agree, things change, people change and you might really get a chance to attend this year & make the best use of it!

  5. Despite the bad start, it sounds like you had a great time. Very surprised to hear that the tent for the actual fashion show wasn’t air conditioned – sounds like a nightmare.

  6. It sounds like you had fun at the Arab Fashion Week aside from the hot tent. I’ve been to fashion shows and always love them.

  7. I’ve never been to a fashion show, and it is on my bucket list. It just looks so festvie and fun and seeing all the ladies dressed up. Something I’d love to eventually see in time.

  8. Yes, you’ll be awesome this year because you already know it. I would feel the same as you, though. The show sounds awesome at least.

  9. I love watching fashion shows and this doesn’t failed my expectations, it was truly fascinating.

  10. It’s so cool that you were able to do this event! So awesome for you!! Congrats and I hope you have many more opportunities like this!

  11. This would have been a wonderful event to attend. I would vote to be able to see what the new fashions are.

  12. Shame you didn’t get to go but fingers crossed they will invite you next time! I hope I can go to a fashion show one day!

  13. Hopefully you’ll get an invite as a blogger! Sounds like a great show with all the fashion and food!

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