Hair and Makeup Looks To Take You From Day to Night!

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Hair and Makeup Look To Take You From Day to Night!

Below is an infographic about Hair and Makeup Looks To Take You From Day to Night! Isn’t it cool to find something like this that you can follow during your busy days? Especially this holiday season, It is just so busy & stressful, This will definitely help you to transform yourself & learn something new while you’re having fun & turning yourself into a beautiful girl you are.

This is a quick guide on how to style your hair and makeup ideas from the Office to the After Party. It will teach you on how to rock different colors or even better Rock those bold colors! Because the holiday season is the best time to show everyone what you’ve got! Hope you’ll love the infographic below! Share it with your friends and family! Happy Holidays! ?

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22 thoughts on “Hair and Makeup Looks To Take You From Day to Night!

  1. These are great! I’ve always wondered how to best do this. I normally end up just having to go home and start all over again LOL

  2. I love day to night looks because they take little effort and they save time as well. These are all awesome ideas. I can take a few pointers from this post, thanks!

  3. Such a good look and I love the every detail of your make up. Glad you share this I want to learn night make-ups.

  4. I’m loving that metallics and glitter are so popular right now with eye makeup. I think they make a great glam effect.

  5. Some great tips you have here – I’m often going out straight from the office and need to re-apply and freshen up my make up for the evening. Still trying to get a smoky eye right and liquid eyeliner is not my friend but other than that I’m ok!

  6. What a lovely infographic with some really awesome tips, I often have to go out with work colleagues immediately after work so this is useful

  7. These are awesome tips that you’ve put together. I’m really gonna get myself to do make-up lessons. I think I know the basics and stuff but I super need to know how to put & blend eye shadow. Aside from the lip color, eye shadows can instantly create that transformed look from day time to night time.

  8. I really liked these tips! I feel like Ombres are going to stay trendy for a long time. Hopefully auburn tones do as well!

  9. I love those tips with how to make glitter work on eyes. I’ve always been afraid to use it but now i have some guides to test out.

  10. Great make up tips! Although I don’t use make up often, there are times when I attend functions or meetings that would end into a party. A quick retouch and choice of color definitely does the trick to change my look from “all business” to “just glamorous.”

  11. These are all great tips and advice on how to go from day to night. So many people don’t realize you can change your dynamic.

  12. These are some great idea for going from day to night. From time to time I find myself in that position. This will come in handy!

  13. Some good tips here. I often have to go from daytime to nighttime. I find that emphasizing either my eyes or lips does the trick.

  14. Great tips for the holiday season especially a family reunion after work and a midnight party after that. lol

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