#Unboxing: Korean Beauty Gobdigoun (Skin Care) #dubaibeautyblogger #mydubai

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#Unboxing: Korean Beauty Gobdigoun (Skin Care) #dubaibeautyblogger #mydubai

Korean Beauty Gobdigoun

Finally blogging about this! Don’t forget to watch my Unboxing Video at the end of the blogpost down below too! I was so happy receiving this product, I mean who wouldn’t want to receive a box full of Korean beauty products to try! Just happy that I finally managed to blog about this product before the year ends, Because if you have yet, This is going to be a great Christmas Gift!

Korean Beauty Gobdigoun

So for the first product is the 24k Golden Cream Placenta Power – Australian Sheep Placental Power processed in Korea.

Korean Beauty Gobdigoun

Upon opening the product, you can already see and noticed the gold flakes in the cream. The product contains Shea Butter, Sheep Placental Extract, Gold flakes, etc. It is composed of similar nucleic acid components to help nourish the face, natural healing power, prevent aging, absorb toxins, It is a high moisture and nutritious product that can be reliably applied to relieve skin fatigue. I’m surprised that the smell is nice and easy for me. As you guys know that I don’t like anything with the strong smell.

Korean Beauty Gobdigoun

Next is this Aging Corrector Eye Cream. It comes in this syringe or injection looking packaging which is very cute and fancy for me. It looks like I’m injecting myself with everything gold just looking at it. But of course, as I said, it is for your eye. After 3 minutes of applying to your skin, your wrinkles will be lightened and The effect will last for about 8 hours. 

Korean Beauty Gobdigoun

Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask. Placenta extracts known to be rich in amino acids and peptides and large amounts of moisturizing ingredients to help moisturize and retain skin. Bio-Cellulose has a structure similar to that of the skin protein structure, making it comfortable and soft. It comes with two pieces of facial mask, from the forehead to the nose, and from under the nose to your chin. There are still more left over gel inside the packet so you can use it for your next facial session at home.

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I can’t say for now if what is my final verdict, because to be honest, I haven’t tried the products yet, although, I have tried the Eye Cream and the Facial cream and applied a bit of the creams on my hand and it does make you feel that your skin is so soft. Can’t wait to try them in 2017! The New Facial regime for me.

I also like that the smell is all amazing, It’s like baby smell with a splash of cologne that only has that enough smell for you to enjoy while applying it, compare to other face product with a strong smell.

Also, the packaging of the products is just amazing! I mean, don’t you think so? K-Beauty are just the bomb!

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Hope you guys like this Products that I introduced for you all today! Pls. do check them out. Till next time =)


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