Dubai Road Trip #1: Al Ain Palace Museum, Al Jahili Fort, Jebel Hafeet #mydubai

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Dubai Road Trip #1: Al Ain Palace Museum, Al Jahili Fort, Jebel Hafeet #mydubai

Hello, everyone! Before the Year ends, I would like to share my first ever road trip in Dubai, UAE! Living in Dubai for a year now, and to be honest, I still so many places to see and so many things to do! It is like a never ending surprise for me. So if you are coming and visit Dubai in the future, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel for more updates!

So for this trip, It was a very hot and sweaty day for me and my family. It was in the middle of Summer in Dubai when we decided to Drive and discover Al Ain. Summer is definitely not the best time for sightseeing or to even visit Dubai.

Obviously, We survived and I am proud that I documented the whole thing using my GOPRO. It is the best travel camera for me! As I am sure that I get all the shots without walking a long distance. GOPRO is so lightweight too! So satisfied with it.

Dubai Road Trip

First Stop was the Al Ain Palace Museum. It was the palace of HH the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and was built in 1937. The Palace very beautiful. I was amazed while checking all the Separate Rooms for workers, guests, and children. The courtyard and the whole open space while walking around the Palace is just majestic.

Second Stop was the Al Jahili Fort. It was erected in 1891 to defend the city and protect precious palm groves. Inside the Fort, you can see the different exhibition of the work of British adventurer Sir Wilfred Thesiger (whom the locals affectionately refer to as ‘Mubarak Bin London’) and his 1940s crossings of the Rub Al Khali (The Empty Quarter) desert. I love how it is a big open space in middle part of the Fort, The staffs there were very nice and attentive. They’ll give some coffee/tea and Dates too!

Third Stop was the Jebel Hafeet. A rocky looking mountain, Located south of the Al Ain city border shared with Oman, a highway has been constructed in 1986 to reach this place.  Driving all the way up to the mountain was an incredible view. It was summer and so hot during out trip there so You can’t see much greens and everything is just plain rock mountains. The cafe or restaurant at the top was full, So I suggest for you to bring food or eat somewhere else before or after your drive up there. The middle part of your drive at the mountain you can stop over Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Hotel or stay there for a night.

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It was a very nice sightseeing Road Trip for my family that day. We Learned a lot of history and happy to be exploring more Dubai. As I said, It was summer when we went there, so the walking and just going out of the car is just so hard for us, Kinda like going inside a Sauna with Steam, That hot! But now, Winter is here, It is perfect to visit and to do lots of activities.

Hope you guys like this! Will posting my Other experiences very soon! Fujairah Road Trip coming up next! Stay Tuned!

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12 thoughts on “Dubai Road Trip #1: Al Ain Palace Museum, Al Jahili Fort, Jebel Hafeet #mydubai

  1. I can only imagine how many amazing sites there are to see in Dubai! My son wants to visit to see the building alone!

  2. Wow your road trip looks amazing! Dubai is on my bucket list of places to travel. Thanks for the great recommendations. 🙂

  3. Dubai is one of those favorite places in my bucket list and a Road Trip sounds amazing to bring the best of it. The Museum looks amazing and it should have been fun documenting the whole thing. I am sure you had a great time in exploring a wonderful place!

  4. Loved seeing the photos here as I’m thinking about visiting my niece who’s working in Abu Dahbi & has friends in Dubai … and this post (plus others on your site) are definitely telling me YES!

  5. Wow, it looks incredible! I have always wanted to visit Dubai – adding this to my bucketlist 🙂

  6. I’ve never been to Dubai, but it’s on my bucket list! Looks like you had a fantastic visit! 🙂 Excited to visit your blog more often in the coming year!

  7. I’ve never been to Dubai but I’ve always wanted to go. I assume there are plenty of places to explore there! I enjoyed watching your video, thanks for showing us all those awesome places!

  8. Dubai looks like a wonderful and magical place. That museum should be a piece of art. Love it! Please, keep doing this kind of posts!

  9. The Al Ain Palace Museum looks like a beautiful and unique place to visit! Your pictures are amazing! I bet it was a great trip, despite the heat!

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