Sweet Berry Cafe in Dubai (Vegetarian)

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Sweet Berry Cafe in Dubai (Vegetarian) #dubaifoodblogger

sweet berry dubai, dubai blogger

Hello, Everyone! Hope that all of you are having such nice December so far! Christmas is almost here! Time Flies! So, for the never-ending food hunting in Dubai as a food blogger, Recently, Sweet Berry Cafe opened just near to where I live and My family thought that we should give it a try for dinner and we did! Surprisingly The Cafe is Vegetarian which is unexpected.

sweet berry dubai, dubai blogger

The story is, The Cafe doesn’t have any sign or what so ever marks that it is a vegetarian cafe. So we went in, got our seats and ordered food. The place looks big and amazing! I love the open space and the interiors. The menu is helpful as every dishes has its information on what’s in the food you’re ordering, Where we actually found out that it is a vegetarian cafe.

I just wanted to say that they have a COW props outside the restaurant, So I’m thinking if what’s the COW for?  mmm…

The bruschettas were amazing! I would go back for these! We can’t decide which one to choose so We ordered mixed of everything and all of them didn’t disappoint at all. Also, We had Vanilla & Chocolate Milkshakes/Smoothies They taste quite good, a bit sweeter on my side, but my sister and daughter liked it, so I guess it’s just me hehe.

sweet berry dubai, dubai blogger

Upon noticing that the menu is all vegetarian, we did so continue to order our food. We had 2 lasagnas and a green Thai curry for my husband. The Green Thai Curry didn’t disappoint. It tasted good despite being vegetarian. My husband did eat and finished it all. You guys need to remember that my husband and all of us loves our meat so…. yeah.

sweet berry dubai, dubai blogger

Onto our Lasagnas, I’ll give it a 2 out of 5 stars. Frankly, I tried eating it, Just not to disappoint the waiter who was serving us, Coz he was so nice and the service in the Cafe is amazing. My taste buds were not just appreciating the vegetarian lasagna taste. As you can see the Lasagna looks amazing and big in portion, I just think that there is something there in that dish that they put, maybe a spice or a seed or herb that is mixed in, that makes it not so lasagna-ey taste for me.

Well, This review is based on my taste buds guys. I am not a vegetarian. Probably it is my first to try a vegetarian lasagna, so that makes me hunt for other cafes or restaurants that serve vegetarian lasagna and see if which one taste better for me. I still would recommend the cafe for everyone to try. They have tables outside so you can chill with family and friends especially this winter time in Dubai, It would be perfect to dine in Sweet Berry Cafe.

I am not a vegetarian, but it would help a lot if the Cafe will make and show some Sign from Outside that they are a Vegetarian Cafe, It would probably help their business as well. That is only my suggestion. The service and staff are amazing. Oh! they also sell sweet vegetarian cakes, and chocolates and others which are perfect! I’ll probably go back for those! The guy who was serving us was so nice giving us some of the sweets for taste test or samples before we left that night.

I’m just thinking as well that maybe that Brand Sweet Berry is well known in Dubai or somewhere else and I just didn’t know that it is famous and a vegetarian so maybe… Well Follow me and Watch my Insta Stories @tauyanm for more of Dubai Life!


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12 thoughts on “Sweet Berry Cafe in Dubai (Vegetarian)

  1. This looks so yummy! I love trying new foods, but I haven’t been very adventurous lately… This reminds me that I should be!

  2. Wow, this post instantly made me miss Dubai. I’ll keep this in mind, and I’ll have a smoothie at the onset!

  3. The place itself and the food is amazing! I would love to hang out in a place like this! It’s awesome! I’m definitely going to enjoy the food here!

  4. I am very particular about my lasagna, too! The smoothies sound delicious and the other dishes look good. Always fun for me to try a new restaurant even if it’s not quite what I expected.

  5. I’m curious to learn what they did put in the lasagna. I know I’ve had several vegetarian ones and they are so varied in tastes and textures.

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