Arab Fashion Week Part 2 – Photos & Video #dubaifashionblogger #arabfashionweek

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Arab Fashion Week Part 2 – Photos & Video #dubaifashionblogger

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arab fashion week,

So as a promise, Here is the 2nd part of Arab Fashion Week That I took! Editing them gives me so much feels! It’s the first ever fashion show I’ve attended in Dubai and totally loving it. Can’t wait for the shows next year already and meet new friends as well during the shows. The designers were amazing! I still remember how awesome and unique each designs.

You can click one Photo below to see all of them in Larger Version! Hope you all enjoy it! Thanks!

Designers Featured:

Ultra Chic (Italy) – Alberto Zambelli (Italy) – Aiisha Ramadan (Lebanon)

Ilse Jara (Paraguay) – Christiano Burani (Italy) – Laquan Smith (USA)

Laura Mancini (Italy) – Giada Curti (Italy) – Jamal Taslaq ( Italy)

Rami Kadi with Huaweiarabia – Ingie Paris (Paris) -Giada Curti (Italy)

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20 thoughts on “Arab Fashion Week Part 2 – Photos & Video #dubaifashionblogger #arabfashionweek

  1. What beautiful dresses! My favorites are the black and white ones….you can never go wrong with black and white.

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time! There are so many great new designs. I can see my girls wearing some of them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. No surprise that every piece of clothing up there looks really defined. I can also almost tell which ones are from the Italian designers but the more I look at it the more they look fused in style.

  4. I really like the play with the colors! Every piece is unique and lovely in their own right! I’m not rally much into fashion but i am loving these!

  5. Some of these dresses are so beautiful and elegant. You don’t usually see so many beautiful dresses that the normal women could actually wear in a fashion show.

  6. Wow so pretty. Often during shows the clothes are extreme and unwearable…. Here it’s the opposites. So many pretty dresses that are so wearable…. Love it!

  7. Going to a fashion show has always been one of my biggest dreams. Look at how beautiful all of these models and their clothes look! I bet you had a wonderful time

  8. Arab Fashion week is one of my biggest dreams. I would LOVE to go there some day. Those dresses are amazing!

  9. The designer creates a very simple dresses yet so fabulous, you can wear it everywhere you go may it be on a casual, formal or usual attire but surely it will be a head turner.

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