Last Exit – Outlet Village Dubai | #dubaiblogger #mydubai

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Last Exit – Outlet Village Dubai | #dubaiblogger 

Last Exit - Outlet Village Dubai | #dubaiblogger dubai mall, mydubai, dubai blogger, dubai youtuber, dubai vlog, travel dubai

Hello everybody! Finally blogging about my visit in Last Exit and Outlet Village Dubai! I’d be honest with you all.  It was during summer when we drove to visit this places and now it is officially winter in Dubai! It’s freezing outside and the wind is breeze is just amazing. I would want to say that it feels more Christmassy now but Dubai don’t celebrate Christmas so… yeah!

So first stop, we went to Outlet Village and see what’s with all the hype with the buildings structure looking so vintagey or shopping like or feeling like you’re in Italy or somewhere else, Where I’ve never been to Italy so I don’t exactly know how it feels like and what to expect. But as you noticed that every blogposts and News Website online are posting the same photos as I have below, is because that is the only thing hype-able about it. I felt disappointed that, there is nothing much to see.

last exit, outlet village, dubai mall, mydubai, dubai blogger, dubai youtuber, dubai vlog, travel dubai

As you can see the photo above, the whole Outlet Village is just like that, reason why you see the same photos everywhere. Probably the only thing that is special is they sell most designer items in the lowest price possible that you can see in Dubai. But other than that, Its just that, Don’t say I never warned you to not be so excited visiting the place. I’m just being honest.

Next is Last Exit Dubai. Now this place is a must to go if you’re in Dubai or Driving to Abu Dhabi, you can have your stop over here and have some food to eat. They have some food trucks that sells different kind of food and a grocery store truck too which is awesome! You can watch my video to see how awesome it is. Vintage cars are parked for photo opportunities and other games available as well. But since it was summer when we went there, it was bloody hot and sweaty while we’re trying to eat out foods.

last exit, outlet village, dubai mall, mydubai, dubai blogger, dubai youtuber, dubai vlog, travel dubai

They have chairs and tables available there so you can grab some food and eat with your family and friends. It was quite an experience as food trucks are conquering the world right now, They even have food trucks by the beach and at the board walk in Atlantis the palm which is totally cute and nice to have some food while biking or walking by the board walk.

Dont forget to watch the youtube video above to see everything in motion!

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Now both of the places mentioned above are just near to each other so you can visit both places. It just depends on what do you wanna do. if you are hungry first and wanna eat something drive to last exit first then go to outlet village. But, if you’re going shopping first before eating, then outlet village first then last exit, although, If you do Outlet Village first, you will have to drive back to find the U-turn going back to Last Exit.

So I hope I’ve been informative with the blogpost haha and honest. Outlet is not that bad, I went there to see the hype about the building which is Pretty good but I guess I expected more and thought that there is other things to see there but that was it. You can probably check out which time they have some shows probably in the evening so it is more worth it to visit Outlet Village.

On the other hand, Last Exit food truck did not disappoint me at all. Now it is winter time, Its best to visit there and enjoy the drive and the food! I love how colourful and funky the place is! It is family and kid friendly! So go check it out!

Thank you so much everyone for dropping by! See you all next time! Watch/Follow my Instagram Stories: @tauyanm


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35 thoughts on “Last Exit – Outlet Village Dubai | #dubaiblogger #mydubai

  1. It looks like you’re having fun in that place! I would love to visit there one day and I’ll brig my husband there!

  2. This looks like so much fun. Hopefully I can visit there tone day. Love that this is about something different than what most Dubai posts talk about.

  3. The outlet village looks amazing, I have only managed to transit via Dubai but 2017 I am planning a weekend in Dubai so will see

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit dubai. Wow those vintage cars are amazing?? I wanna own one 1 day.

    1. yes! all the news gave it so much praises and how good it is, Well it is good and interesting but you know, we drive so long to go there and see that, unless driving there and shop would be nice

  5. So it’s a fancy mall with discount designer prices? The setting looks interesting though. 🙂
    Elizabeth O

    1. yes haha well, The whole Dubai is on SALE all year round! so you have this mall just for designer items with much more discount than usual hehe

  6. My sister just returned from Dubai a few months ago and had a wonderful time!
    The Outlet Village looks lovely and the architecture is stunning! I agree it would probably be quite chilly to shop their in winter.
    I hope to visit one day soon.

  7. Looks like you had a great time. Love your pictures. 🙂 Dubai is always a place I have wanted to visit, but I have never left North America…

  8. All I know is that Dubai is the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates. And a shopping place next to Hongkong. Would love to visit there.

  9. I actually stayed over night in Dubai when I travelled to Australia and sadly I didnt get to see much of it as stayed in the airport but has always appealed to me

    1. if you stayed in DXB airport you could’ve gone and visit the dubai mall and the burj beach they look beautiful at night! near to the airport

  10. Dubai is a fascinating place and one day I’d like to visit. This will go on my must-visit list. Love outlets. How fun!

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