Why It’s Never Too Early to Buy a Prom Dress

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Why It’s Never Too Early to Buy a Prom Dress

If you like to avoid prom disasters or disappointment, it is always ideal to start preparations early in the year. While most people put off searching for a dress until a week or two to prom, getting a head-start can be very advantageous and convenient.

The last thing any teenage girl wants is a last minute rush looking for the perfect dress when all the great dresses are already sold out to other people. Imagine walking into prom then spotting another person wearing that amazing dress you have fantasized about all your high school life.

By simply shopping early, you will alleviate the possibility of missing out on your dream prom dress; this will incredibly boost your chances of being the prettiest and most breathtaking girl at prom…now who doesn’t want that? The great news is most designers begin rolling out prom fashion as early as January. You might be wondering whether January is too soon to buy the perfect prom dress; if you carefully consider all the factors then you will realize that it is never too early to start making plans.

Why It's Never Too Early to Buy a Prom Dress


1. By starting early, you will be able to ascertain which boutiques stock the most stylish dresses that are perfect for prom.

Prom dresses are huge business for most boutiques and you will be spoilt for choice if you start late. This makes you vulnerable to sticking to one opinion instead of having the time to ascertain which boutiques stock the best prom dresses and sell them at reasonable prices. By finding out more about boutiques that stock great prom dresses, you will end up getting the best dress at a great value. For instance, you can buy from a reputable shop like Peaches Boutique and you will be guaranteed a perfect look on prom that everyone else will envy and admire.

2. Shopping early ensures that you are worry-free and relaxed on your actual prom night.

For most teenage girls and mothers, prom night is an extremely important event that they look forward all their high school life. This means they spend the entire night fretting and worrying about getting everything right and most of them never actually get the chance to truly experience the joy of prom. By buying your dress early, prom night will be a fun night spent reminiscing about high school life. This is because, at the back of your mind, you will be sure that the most important aspect of your prom experience (your prom dress) is taken care of.

3. It is a common occurrence for boutiques to run out of a specific dress or a particular size.

Most late shoppers encounter this issue and end up spending more money to do alterations and customize the dress so that they can achieve that perfect fit that everyone wants on prom night. Shopping for a prom dress early means the store will have sufficient time to re-order a perfect dress or make an entirely new order of a great dress you saw on a mannequin or in the catalogue.

4. Sometimes, even the perfect dress needs a little bit of work and adjustment to meet specific tastes and preferences.

If your prom dress needs slight adjustment by a seamstress then this can be extremely challenging at peak times because many people want alterations done at the same time. A high demand for a great seamstress’ specialist skills means an added expense since the seamstress will need to work at a short notice. The earlier you get your dress, the easier it is to access a great seamstress to make adjustments.

5. By purchasing your prom dress early, you can channel your efforts and focus your attention on finding the perfect accessories to fashionably complement your outfit.

A great dress paired with lackluster accessories equals to a disastrous look on prom. To find the perfect accessories to complement that amazing dress, you need adequate time to shop around for stylish shoes and even jewelry. Getting the right dress is extremely important but it is not the only factor that contributes to a glamorous and stylish prom look; you also need to get your accessories right. With the dress at hand, it will be easy to shop around for accessories that fashionably complete your prom look.

6. Shopping for your prom dress early puts you in the prime position to have more options and a myriad of choices.

Most reputable stores acknowledge and respect the fact that every girl wants to be unique at prom; the last thing anyone wants is to walk into prom and find multiple people wearing the exact same outfit! Peaches Boutique, for example, actually has a policy that restricts selling the exact same prom dress to multiple girls attending the same prom event. This is a class case of the early bird catching the worm; the earlier you decide to buy your prom dress, the more stylish options you will have at your disposal.

7. Shopping early means you have enough time and enough options at your disposal to purchase a prom dress that fits your body type.

Not every girl is a perfect size 8 and can fit into all dresses, every girl has unique needs hence there are certain dresses that perfectly complement their body shapes. The fact is certain body shapes are harder to dress therefore a head-start is a necessity.

If you need tips on how to find the right dress for your body type, watch this video:

By starting prom dress shopping early, you will ensure that you find the perfect dress no matter your body shape or your size. This is an important night in a teenage girl’s life therefore, they need to look flawless no matter their size or body shape.

Prom night is a time to look fabulous and breathtaking. After all, it only happens once therefore you have to take the prerogative to make it as memorable and as fun as possible. By shopping early, you are guaranteed to find a gorgeous dress that will make you feel amazing and stand out from the crowd.


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20 thoughts on “Why It’s Never Too Early to Buy a Prom Dress

  1. Awww, I still remember my prom dress, it was like a dream. And I bought it one year before prom night hahaha.

  2. I totally agree with this! I used to always buy mine early and I told my nieces to do the same. Great advice!

  3. Whistle* i can honestly say i had no idea the intricate details and preparations involved. I mean I know there’s alot but this post gave me an indication of how much. Great post with good wisdom shared.
    .Have you seen the disney movie Prom? its one of my fav disney movies.

  4. I remember buying my first prom dress. It was a great experience too. I can’t wait to share this with my girls when they are old enough for prom.

  5. I would have no problem shopping early or on clearance! That is what I almost always do any way!

  6. I agree it is never too early. In fact I tend to get them around this time of year because of all the sales that go on!

  7. Great money saving tips. Finding the perfect dress is so hard to do. I remember how tedious it was for me when I was younger but I look forward to helping my granddaughter when she gets older!

  8. Proms have only just become a big thing over here in the UK – they certainly didn’t have them when I was at school, plus I went to an all girls school. I have three boys so will (thankfully!) never have to go through this stress

  9. I love this prom dress. Looks so sexy and classy.. Your tips buying prom dress early can save money and less hassle.

  10. I love the idea of shopping for a prom dress early. The price of the dresses tend to raise during prom season and that’s not going to help your budget at all. I think these are all great reasons to shop for a dress early!

  11. These are all great tips. I remember the stress it brought me when we were shopping for my daughter’s prom dress. Thankfully, that is a thing of the past. She’s a mom now so no more prom dress shopping! I’ll share this post with my sister. Her daughter still has 2 more years of high school till she graduates.

  12. Pretty! My daughter has a few years before she goes to prom. I can’t wait to look at dresses with her.

  13. I love shopping for Prom dresses for my daughter. I totally agree that buying it early is a great idea!

  14. I loved my prom dress. Bought it last minute because I didn’t think I was going. Cost me $15 and it was a beautiful burgundy silk. I think I just got lucky, but now I have dresses ready for any occassion.

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