Aroos Damascus, Al Muraqqabat, Dubai-UAE Middle Eastern Food #dubaifoodblogger

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Aroos Damascus, Al Muraqqabat, Dubai, UAE Middle Eastern Food #dubaifoodblogger

Aroos Damascus #dubaifoodblogger

It has been so long since I blogged about food and I am back for another one! Best for Arabic or Middle Eastern Food for everyone to enjoy. My husband surprised My daughter, my sister and I for this wonderful dinner. We were originally in Dubai Mall, On the way home, I noticed that we were not on the road that we’re supposed to, So I asked my husband and told us that we’re going to try this wonderful restaurant where he visited with his co-workers before.

You can CLICK one PHOTO to see them in LARGER version. Use my Phone/Snapchat App for Pictures.

The menu is quite surprising as they have so many foods to choose from. As usual, being new to a country, I am still not familiar with all the middle eastern food names Unless we eat them too many times since we arrived here in Dubai. The waiter was very helpful giving us the description of each food, So then we can decide what to order.

Just a tip when you’re ordering Middle Eastern Food, try not to order both Fattoush and tabbouleh because both are green salads. Fattoush is more like western salad that we always eat with chunky veggies and can be eaten alone with some meat, while tabbouleh is more of a minced-mixed greens that can be eaten as a side dish. Or you can order both if want haha

I didn’t notice any difference or nothing special at all when trying out their food. Thought it was the same as how the other restaurants I’ve been to before. I can’t even remember why my husband brought me here but the only thing he was saying was, That, this restaurant is very famous. Also, It is nice to know that they Family or Kid friendly.

Aroos Damascus #dubaifoodblogger

They have a really huge place which is amazing. You can choose if you want to eat and chill outdoors, or Stay inside at the ground floor or second floor of their Restaurant with Aircondition. Right now the weather in Dubai is nearly winter, The breeze is just amazing so I suggest to visit from this day on and enjoy the food and the weather.

This place is Recommended for you to try! For the weather like now in Dubai, I would like to go back and sit outside and chill and enjoy the food. I am totally addicted eating Fattoush! I would like to order something else next time, Something that I haven’t tried before from Arabic or Middle Eastern cuisine. If you have any suggestions, Pls comment below! Thank you!

CLICK ME for location of the Restaurant –

Address: Ground Floor, Green Palace Hotel, Al Muraqqabat Rd – Dubai
Phone: 04 221 3673
Hope you guys enjoyed this quick Food topic I shared with you! I will be having another Food Review very Soon! So please Stay tuned, Please do tag me or mention me on Instagram or Facebook Page: @tauyanm Would love to see all the Foodies!


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