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UAE- Dubai Blogger & Youtuber. 4 Cool beauty tips for men which they are likely to accept

Nowadays, being modern and chic is equally important for both men and women. Truth be told, men still do not use makeup in the same way or quantity as women but they are slowly becoming more aware of their looks and how a bit of fine tuning can improve their image.

Even if your husband or boyfriend is against makeup and complex procedures, there are still ways for him to improve his looks with minimal effort. Next time your husband looks rugged, try placing him in front of a mirror with bulbs and presenting some of these solutions. Explain how they can improve his looks and how simple it would be to do them.

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1. Face

Most of the men prefer having rugged, strong, manly face. But, that same face is subjected to daily stress. In time, it will become dry and exhausted. Vitamins from skin will be depleted. As the time goes by, he will look more and more tired. Instead of trying to use makeup or some complex procedures, show your husband how he can restore healthy look to his face. Put him in front of the mirror and show him how lack of nutrients is affecting his face. Do not present it as a beauty procedure but as something that will make him look stronger and restore his vitality. Depending on his skin and current state, he will require certain products (or mask) that will restore vitamins.

2. Haircut

Men are usually much sloppier than women when it comes to hair and haircuts. Due to their short hair, it is much easier to notice when it starts growing. Depending on a hair type, it may start growing sideways which is even more problematic. This is why they need to take a haircut every month. The problem is with men who are not as punctual when it comes to it. Instead, they prefer delaying it which leaves them with a nest on top of their head for a couple of weeks. If you are unable to persuade your man to take a haircut, at least suggest him some of the easier and quicker solutions such as putting gel or washing his hair in the morning. Washing hair in the morning, before work, is especially good as it will allow him to avoid a haircut and still, he will still look descent.

3. Eyebrows and nose hair

These parts of man’s body are especially noticeable. There is nothing worse than hairs sticking out all over the place. While it is easy to persuade a man to cut his nose hair, it is much harder to persuade him to do his eyebrows. Men often see eyebrow trimming as something that is well… unmanly. In order to persuade him to trim his eyebrows, use a mirror and show him how these follicles are unproportionately large. Do not suggest trimming; instead, persuade him to cut the hair that are sticking out. Then, you are free to do whatever you please with his eyebrows.

4. Facial hair

A lot of men prefer having smooth face, without mustache or beard. But, as of late, beards and mustache are becoming increasingly popular. However, a lot of men are not dedicating enough attention to them. This leaves them with a big bush on top of their face. Suggest some styles that will reduce either beard or mustache. At the same time, you can suggest products that will make beard look cleaner and shinier. Present it in a way so that your husband thinks that he is making his mustache manlier.


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