Arab Fashion Week Part 1 – Photos & Video #dubaifashionblogger #arabfashionweek

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Arab Fashion Week Part 1 – Photos & Videos #arabfashionweek #dubaifashionblogger

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Designers Featured:

Ultra Chic (Italy) – Alberto Zambelli (Italy) – Aiisha Ramadan (Lebanon)

Ilse Jara (Paraguay) – Christiano Burani (Italy) – Laquan Smith (USA)

Laura Mancini (Italy) – Giada Curti (Italy) – Jamal Taslaq ( Italy)

Rami Kadi with Huaweiarabia – Ingie Paris (Paris)

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27 thoughts on “Arab Fashion Week Part 1 – Photos & Video #dubaifashionblogger #arabfashionweek

  1. The skirt in the first photo is so fabulous! I love colorful prints. The dresses are gorgeous too. Very simple and very beautiful.

  2. What stunning designs, every one of them. I’ve never been to a fashion show but I’m sure I’d love it.

  3. All of these looks are so pretty and so unique! I love these!! That colorful/watercolor gown is stunning!!

  4. Wow what a meal for the eyes. Such amazing creativity, I love a few of the outfits…now to showing my tailor 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love skirts and dresses (skirt Number 1 at the top is my new favorite). Looks gorgeous! Now if I could pull it off like a model 😉

  6. So many gorgeous designs. It makes me want to dress up in a beautiful flowy dress and walk my own catwalk.

  7. I love the gowns! I always thought that they would always stick to the clothes that are close to their traditional ones. These designs are very modern.

  8. I’ve never been to a fashion show, but I guess it must be an exciting experience. The dresses all look lovely!

  9. All of these dresses are so wonderful. I am sure that Arab fashion is going to get so much popular worldwide.

  10. I think all of the dresses are beautiful but am especially drawn to the red ones. I love all things red and pink.

  11. Those are fabulous pieces 🙂 I wonder when can I personally watch a catwalk/fashion show. Stunning and elegant designs! yay!

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