Authentic Japanese Food Products in Dubai | Deans Fujiya #japanesefoodindubai

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Authentic Japanese Food Products in Dubai | Deans Fujiya

Where to Buy Authentic Japanese Food Products in Dubai, UAE? #japanesefoodindubai


Living in Malaysia for 3 years, My Family had this Sunday Sushi Day. Usually, in Sakae Sushi & gosh it was cheap there!

Now in Dubai for almost a year now, We always crave Japanese food or Sushi on weekends. Few months living here, I was having a hard time to find a fair and budget-friendly sushi or Japanese restaurant to eat with my family. But after spending so much time and googling about where to buy ingredients in bulk or wholesale, So I can just cook or make them and store in the future…

I found Deans Fujiya located just nearby or walking distance to Lamcy Plaza Mall. I was in Japanese Heaven for a minute!

Deans Fujiya sells almost everything Japanese that you might think of, From food to utensils, some Japanese Decors, I even found some Chinese food items too which is a total plus when going there. I wasn’t sure if the price is cheaper or higher or just right, I haven’t had any Japanese related things before that I can think of, Maybe Daiso haul which is very cheap haha =D



But if you’re up to something like anything Japanese and your favourite store is out, You may wanna head down to Deans Fujiya and Buy everything you need there! I always find, Japanese Curry not available in Carrefour so I buy lots of them in Deans Fujiya.

Deans Fujiya also has a Japanese Cafe’ and Restaurant next to the store, I haven’t tried the service yet but, if you ended up so hungry for Japanese Food, Go ahead and enjoy! Let me know what do you think of it! Tag me @tauyanm  =)

Hope this post is helpful enough to any Japanese lovers who’s going to Dubai or moving to Dubai! Let me know in the comment box below if what’s your Favorite Japanese Food? I love some Unagi and Oyakodon! My two Faves! =)


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13 thoughts on “Authentic Japanese Food Products in Dubai | Deans Fujiya #japanesefoodindubai

  1. It’s always a nice feeling when you find a market that sells all your favorite things. I’d love to visit Dubai one day!

  2. I really love sushi, and totally understand your need to get a fix. We have a couple of Japanese markets near our home and I love seeing all of the authentic foods from overseas!

  3. Finding Japanese food is easy but looking for authentic Japanese food is hard so it’s great having a store in Dubai offering authentic Japanese foods. It only proves that Japanese foods are really good.

  4. How great that you found a place that sells Japanese food in Dubai. It’s always comforting to have foods you love.

  5. I can so relate to this. I’m from Holland living in California and I have the hardest time finding the Dutch foods I love. I order a lot online and the World Market stores help a lot too. Nice post.

  6. It makes me glad to know you’ve found a store that caters to Japanese cuisine. I love katsu and udon and of course, salmon sashimi!

  7. That’s awesome that you were able to find a store that has everything you needed. I traveled to Italy about 12 years ago, and after being there 3 weeks I was missing American food. Luckily, we found a McDonalds! 🙂

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