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Food Review: Mr. Crab Dubai, UAE #dubaifoodblogger

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

Hello Everyone! I am very excited to blog about “Mr. Crab” UAE. I found out about this place, because one of my friend keeps on checking-in via Facebook and posting photos about this place since we moved here a few months ago after moving to Dubai from Malaysia.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

Mr. Crab UAE is located just next to the MOE or Mall of the Emirates. You can park inside the Mall of the Emirates and just find the Taxi Exit at the side of the Mall and then cross the road. You will see a pedestrian crossing, so cross there and you’ll find the restaurant very easy.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

The place was very quiet during lunch time that we went there to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Living in Singapore for 6 years, we totally miss eating chilli crab, black pepper crab or anything crabs or seafood. That is why we decided to celebrate her birthday here.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

The Place is big enough to entertain many guests. They have tables available outside as well but not recommended during Dubai Summer, Although it would be a perfect seating arrangement during winter in Dubai enjoying the Crabs and Winter Weather.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

You can come in groups or by 4 people or they have seats available for 2 persons as well. This place is family friendly. When we were there, There were 2 families with babies with baby trolleys, the places is quiet spacious so you can bring the trolleys inside.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

I love the ambience of the restaurant, I thought I was inside a coffee shop and would order my favourite coffee and cake. The lightbulbs and wood pallets are a good thing to see and refreshing to the eyes. You wouldn’t think that you’re in a Crab place.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

The staff are all Filipinos as I’ve noticed, the way they talked to the kitchen staff from the waiters and counter. Reasonably friendly and fast service. Cleaned up the unused plates and unwanted things on our table to enjoy our food more.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

This is my sister celebrating her birthday that day. Enjoying her Crabs and seafood that we ordered. Drinks are yummy too!

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

So for the food, We had Seafood Platter with 6 different kinds of sauces, Paella, Fries, White Rice, Calamari and drinks.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

Hold up! Don’t you worry about your clothes getting messy, Apron and Gloves is available when you eat in Mr.Crab. Although I find the Gloves not helpful at all, Picking and cracking the crabs & prawns will enough holes for the sauces to come inside your hands, I would not recommend it haha But you can use it at your own risk, have fun and eat your yummy seafoods!

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

My daughter behind me Posing haha Didn’t know that she was posing as well, But look at the table haha I ate it all!?

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

The After Table look haha yes we did ate it all. Although I would’ve to give a comment about the Paella, That day it was a bit saucy or wet and not like the usual Paella that I’m used to eat before. But nevertheless, it was tasty and my Family enjoyed the meal.

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

mr. crab dubai, uae #dubaifoodblogger

Don’t forget to visit them every Sunday 7pm-10pm to enjoy their Unlimited Crab! Mr. Crab Dubai, UAE is totally recommended for every to enjoy seafoods with their family and friends! Also probably at night they have many guests so don’t forget to book!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost as I did! I can’t wait to come back here and enjoy their Unlimited Crab next time with my family!

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Well, I don’t know about you, But this blogpost made me hungry and wanting some crabs or Prawns! Till Next time! x0~


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  1. This post is making me hungry! I love any sort of seafood or crap. I need to visit this place ASAP!

  2. I’m not a fan of seafood, but some of this still looks really good. I have never been to this place before, nor have I heard of it either.

  3. I would love to go to this restaurant since I’m a huge fan of seafood! Everything looks really good and enticing as well! YUM!

  4. Those foods are looks so tempting! These would be great for my Cheat Day. I’ve never tried the taste of Dubai but their Mr Crab are looks good but I’m allergic.

  5. I seriously want to visit here. I need to find some time to vacation there and check out all the cool places and eateries.

  6. That spread looks delicious! I love that the place is spacious enough to accommodate trolleys.

  7. That’s amazing! The portions does not disappoint which makes it even better. My mom will go crazy over all these seafood! I hope I can take her here someday!

  8. All I can say is just WOW, this place looks amazing and looks so tasteful. I love seafood and maybe I will just have to take a road trip to this amazing place haha just to try out that dinner right there. oh man so good.

  9. My sister travels to Dubai quite frequently and I will definitely tell her to stop in and try some of their delicious food! The seafood and paella look soooo good! 🙂

  10. What an awesome looking restaurant! I’m not a seafood eater, but I’m always interested in hearing about new yummy places to try out!

  11. I’d definitely want to stop here with the family. The food looks really good! What a nice find!

  12. Mr Crab looks like a great place to indulge my need for seafood. I love the design of the interior as well. It feels like a very welcoming restaurant.

  13. That food looks flippn delicious and I wouldn’t bother with gloves, hmmm I shouldn’t even bother with an apron unless for a toddler lol! Food glorious food yumm!

  14. Although I’m not big on seafood, the photos in your post look delicious. Always nice to learn about new places.

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