#CosmoAwards – Voting for The Best Blogger in Dubai! #dubaifashionblogger

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#CosmoAwards – Voting for The Best Blogger in Town!

#CosmoAwards are here & I am feeling excited! So many questions inside my mind trying to decide who will I VOTE for the best Blogger in Town, Living in Dubai & Doing my Work as a Blogger for 9Months in #dxb (blogging for 5years) is not an easy task. If you are a blogger then you’ll understand, If not, Well, I guess every blogger now wants to be known and want other people to recognise and get something out from blogging as a full-time or part-time work and hoping for the best. I am somewhat surprised with how all the Finalists website looks so amazing and Neat Looking. As a VOTER & I’ve Been in the Blogging Industry & worked with so many others, in Different Countries, I have so many questions running in my mind.

#cosmoawards #dubaiblogger

First, The H*** I am not one of the Finalists?!? hahaha ? Just Kidding guys! Don’t be too serious when I’m joking, Sure some people wouldn’t understand the humour but Oh! well, Kidding aside, I ‘ve been sipping my hot coffee for a few hours now & visiting the Finalists Blogs and Social Media (Felt Dizzy for a While ?).  I am wondering how they’ve chosen the finalists? Is it by popular demand? By Social Media Followers? By the details when they write Reviews? or How unique their writing as a blogger? How focus is their blogs depends on the topics that they are writing to the category they belong to… etc…

The questions just keep on going on, Sure most of the VOTERS will just VOTE their favourite because every blogger in the list are different in their own ways. Each of the bloggers is special and talented.

I have decided to VOTE (like finally!) in each category and below are the lucky girls (where are the boys?Lol):

Ultimate Lifestyle Blogger: Carly Rothman – Leanlivinggirl.com  = I have chosen her because of the simplest reason, Her blog  is the most lifestyle in terms of blog posts that she already published. More on what’s happening in her life, dining, travelling, recipes, training, etc which we do most every day, Yes, the others are posting about their travels, dining diaries as well But Let’s focus on the “LIFESTYLE” Topic. I mean Fashion/Style is a different category, right? Let’s not mix both ?

Best Use of Photography: Joy Caasi – Thethrifttrip.com = I’m no Bias because we’re both Filipino. This category gave me a hard time as all the finalist photos via Instagram are just breath taking! I can’t imagine how much work they’ve put just to edit one photo. They have some Flat-lay War going on I guess, Everyone just gotta Flat-lay nowadays! But judging the instagram accounts, I found Joy Caasi a good Winner for the title because I find her photos more creative in more aspects, from building, nature, photos of herself and the crowd, less #OOTD, less flat-lay compare to the others, The colours are not just white but it is artistic combined with the angle on how she takes her photos. 3k+ followers? Come on people! Go Follow!

Ultimate Beauty Blogger: Zareen Shah – Zsquaredxb.com = Ok this took me a while to decide if who wins my heart, compare to Photography. I am after for more focused  in the word “Beauty Blogger” so I voted for Zareen. Her blog is only about Beauty. She published many different topics about Beauty and showed her skills and passion for it. I love seeing makeup looks via insta or her blog or when she needs to do her magic professionally using other faces and not just hers.

Ultimate Vlogger: Cindy Guimarães Mohammed – NewOldGirlSindy = I would like to nominate myself for this award but I am not one of the finalist haha (click to watch my vlogs) For that so, I am voting Cindy for the title! woots! The Reason why is, I’m not being anything, but she speaks English on her vlogs, meaning I can relate more when she say something. Her Vlogs are simply edited and I feel like she is talking to me when she is talking on her camera, There is a connection as they say.

Ultimate Fitness Blogger: Gbemi Giwa – DubaifitFoodie.com = Wish my body looks good as these girls, but I am working on it! One Lift at a time. So I chose Gbemi for this title because I find her blog more “Blogger Feel” and more beginners fitness side. I like how she goes to different places in Dubai to try fitness or health related to sharing with us, or Publish squat variations so we have choices or share her yummy delicious healthy recipes. Her blog logo is too cute for fitness haha.

Ultimate Style Blogger: Olga Lobanova – Sandinthecity.net = I’ve been a fan of this girl for 9months now living in Dubai. Her outfit is relatable and she has such an amazing chic looks! I also love how she posts other people pictures on her blog for fashion inspiration to her readers which falls under the category street style. It only says that she is there doing what she loves and sharing all the goodness with everyone around her. She even posts other people’s photos on her instagram account which is cool and nice of her! Totally deserving for the title.

Ultimate Foodie Blogger: Katherine Mclean = secretsquirrelfood.com = The blog is looking amazing. The photos of the foods inside or outside of her kitchen, from her own recipes to food reviews, Her photos never fail to make the foods look delicious. I also like that her blog is focused on foods only. Visit her blog and see for yourself.

So there you go, guys! Before anyone of you reacts and say or think something not nice, Pls mind that this is my own Blog. I can write what I wanna write. These Girls are my Best Bet and I think that they should win the title they deserved. I didn’t say anything bad about to any other competitors at all. It’s all up to you if you want to give any meaning to every word I write here.

I did my best and spent, I guess a day of my life going back and forth and visit every Blogs and social media to see who’s who and get to know them more. I’m no bias blogging this. I just thought that Everyone who’s voting should consider checking their blogs, Does that blog deserved the title as “Style Blogger” is she is posting more foods and beauty than style or fashion related? Think about it. Their blog should be focused more on what titles are pointing to them. If not, Do they really deserve it?

Anyway, I can’t wait to know who are the winners! CLICK Me to visit and VOTE for your own best Bloggers in Town!

Or you do agree with me, so then Vote the girls I’ve chosen above. and Nope! I do not know anyone of them in person, Judged them by how they work on their blogs, how their blog feels, how focus is their blog to the TITLE that points to them, and many other factors that I have noticed while I’m checking out their blogs and social media.

So good luck everyone! x0~ Don’t forget to Follow my Snaps/Instagram/Twitter/FB: @tauyanm ?

Photos Source/Credits to: Cosmopolitanme.com


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29 thoughts on “#CosmoAwards – Voting for The Best Blogger in Dubai! #dubaifashionblogger

  1. Sounds like a fun event to check out some fashion and give honor to those deserving. These people sound amazing!

  2. CosmoAwards sounds like a wonderful event and it is always great to vote for bloggers around under different categories. It is going to be a great opportunity for bloggers to make the best use of it.

  3. Dubai sounds like a great place! I want to go there too and meet these wonderful bloggers, what a wonderful nomination!

  4. Wow! Great choices. I couldn’t decide if I was in your shoes. Hopefully next year you’ll be nominated yourself. Great blogger and writer. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fun event! I also wanted to meet those best bloggers in Dubai, and not just in Dubai and also for other countries. They’re really amazing and gorgeous.

  6. What a great award to be up for!! Good luck in the voting process I think it would be nerve wrecking to go through

  7. What an awesome blogger award! Your list of bloggers in the different categories is most impressive!, definitely going to check them out

  8. It is heartening to read about this event. It will be a great opportunity to network. Also such events provide much needed impetus to bloggers and blogging.

  9. How awesome is this! I love that there are companies that host blogging awards or at least include blogging in the category of awards. I sure hope you’d be included in the future!

  10. I initially thought you were blogging about this because you were nominated. Who knows, maybe next year? I think they’re all great in their own right and they earned their nominations that’s for sure!

  11. Some many cool new blogs to explore! This seems to be a really even competence, they are all awesome and interesting

  12. All of these blogs look great. It would be so hard to pick a favorite. I need to check out the blogs that you voted for.

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