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Karama Fish Market Dubai – UAE #dubaiblogger #travelblogger
karama fish market dubai blogger tauyanm

Hey ya’ll! I am back for a very quick blogpost about Dubai. I know I’ve been MIA for few weeks, and now I am on track again to update all my social media and of course my blog! Feels like I’ve been away too long that I missed everyone of you!

So today is about the Karama Fish Market. Where you can buy Fresh Seafood. You can CLICK ME and see the location and check if it’s near you! You may wanna check it out next time and try it out. The Fish and other types looks amazing!

karama fish market dubai blogger tauyanm

Find me on the photos above =D haha Yep that is my hair getting so long again. Imagine with my thick super long hair + the super hot desert country being air-fried everyday hehe. Well, I am looking forward to winter which is coming very soon!

Anyways, This is how the Karama Fish Market looks like. outside. They have parking lot available outside and Bus too!

karama fish market dubai blogger tauyanm

Upon entering the Market, You’ll be surprise how exaggerated the people trying to sell their fish and others. I felt annoyed and not a happy impression for me. It is like when a celebrity getting out of the airport and all the paparazzi snapping photos of you. It was crazy. Well, I guess if you’ve been to many other asian countries or asian places, you’ll know what exactly I’m saying here.

karama fish market dubai blogger tauyanm

On the other hand, inside the Karama Market, You can also find fruits and vegetables like the usual market is. So the other side of the Market is selling Seafood and the other side is selling Fruits and Vegetables. I noticed a couple of shop that sells the usual grocery like those detergent powder, shampoos and other products besides Seafood and Fruit and Vegetables.

karama fish market dubai blogger tauyanm

So the verdict, Although it is a well known Market to go to if you need some fresh seafood or fruit and vegetables, My husband and I thought that the Price there is no difference than when you buy them to carrefour which is our go to grocery place since it is only walking distance to us and two more shops that is near and less hassle for us for the same price.

karama fish market dubai blogger tauyanm

Although, Some good things that comes when you go to Karama Market is maybe, You can get a discount is you’re a loyal customer to a particular shop. Other thing would be, there are so many seafood to choose from from one shop to another.

karama fish market dubai blogger tauyanm

It is a good experience to finally visit this place and bought some snapper and some others as we make it to a point that we eat Fish or Seafood every Saturday which probably my favourite day of the week as my whole family indulge with lots of seafood.

karama fish market dubai blogger tauyanm

Well, I suggest you guys should check it out at least once or twice if you are living in Dubai. You may find it amazing or maybe not for some haha. But still who doesn’t love to see and buy seafood with so many choices right in front of you.

Thanks for reading ya’ll! Will be back in couple of days for another update as I have so much things I wanted to share with you all about my life in Dubai! Follow and Find me in any social media by searching @tauyanm Give me a hola! woots! x0x0 =)


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10 thoughts on “Karama Fish Market Dubai – UAE

  1. I was just watching the video on what not to do in Dubai last night, hihi. I have friends there but I was told it’s an expensive city. I may have to wait longer before we can go there.

    1. I have never been back to Philippines for around 6 years now so I am not familiar with the prices in the market. Although, before moving here, I was in Singapore and Malaysia, and surprised that most of the things we need are more cheaper compare to both countries i’ve been to. Sushi is probably very expensive hahaha

  2. Wow! If you love seafood, this is the place to be! I really like the variety, my mom’s going to be in heaven when she sees this!

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