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#OOTD: Shirt Dress – How to Wear Shirt Dress – #Dubaifashionblogger

#ootd #shirtdress #dubaiblogger #fashionblogger

Living in Dubai sound so fancy to many people. They see gold and expensive cars everywhere, which is true and foods are amazing! But the catch is, The Super Hot weather. Not just “hot” as I would imagine people describing it to me before I even arrive here, but imagine opening an Oven when baking, and sit in front of it, I can probably cook an egg outside my window or poached an egg using the water from my shower, It is hot like that even though the heater is not on.

#ootd #shirtdress #dubaiblogger #fashionblogger

Kinda twinnie on the above photo with my daughter, Feeling so comfortable with my Shirt Dress. I can’t believe How Obsessed I am now, noticing that I keep on wearing it whenever I can without the guilt, thinking that people might think that I Don’t change clothes anymore haha Good decision to matchy-matchy colour dress with my daughter in Blue.

The dress is Incredibly comfortable, Were you in the same situation before that you don’t really go out of the house, but when you do, You ended up wearing the clothes you wore last time you were out of the house? I guess it is not bad at all, if it is comfortable & of course clean with nice smell then why not! I would love the idea myself & enjoy it while it’s summer!

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#ootd #shirtdress #dubaiblogger #fashionblogger

Again, thank’s to my wonderful husband for taking all of my photos & videos. He is very patient with me when taking photos and videos and to think that the weather is too hot to go outside, but still he always make sure all my shots are good.

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#ootd #shirtdress #dubaiblogger #fashionblogger

Outfit Details: Hat: Forever21 – Shirt Dress & Sunnies: 19aed-10aed from bollywood shop – Flats: Vincci

#ootd #shirtdress #dubaiblogger #fashionblogger

Well, I guess that’s all it for the July #OOTD – #Lookbook Looking forward to August! If you guys have any questions please do leave them in the comment box below. Would love to know and answer them as soon as I can.
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#ootd #shirtdress #dubaiblogger #fashionblogger


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52 thoughts on “#OOTD: Shirt Dress

  1. That is a gorgeous dress. Blue is one of my favorite colors and it looks great on you!

  2. Ahhh…that shirt dress is so cute. I love this style for myself too. I think I would melt in the heat of Dubai.

    1. haha I am so tan right haha my anklet and watch give me that tan lines every time I go out the heat is just crazy

  3. I love this dress! It’s so simple and breezy but chic and stylish. I love dresses like this for the summer.

  4. Without a waist, they don’t look so good on me righ tnow, but I adore the style. You look terrific in it.

    1. i guess the fabric belt helped a lot in giving me a bit of that shape, believe im no shape as well so accessorising helps

  5. I have a friend in Dubai & I can understand what summer is all about there! Your outfit looks gorgeous and it looks so stylish & comfy as well to make it a perfect wear for the weather you are experiencing. The color is amazing and the pictures are great for sure!

  6. You look great on that color, I love this dress. It is really nice to be in a shirt dress, it feels really comfy.

  7. That dress look super comfy and it suits you. So dont even mind about wearing it again. I do have a couple of dresses I bought in the same colour, crazy I know lol! I love them! Dubai sounds like my kind of place 🙂

  8. You certainly picked the right spots for some pictures, I like it! The dress is pretty, I’d say. The color makes the design ooze out and it somehow gives a comfy feeling under the sun.

    1. i guess one of the perks having a car haha which i can’t do back in Singapore and malaysia ahha

  9. That is such a flattering color and shape. I love the simplicity and comfort of a shirt dress.

  10. I love the look especially with the hat and the flats! That blue is gorgeous and looks so casual, comfortable, and cool!

  11. The shirt dress looks great on you and it’s perfect for the summer weather! It’s terribly hot their just like here in Manila. At least now we’re experiencing rains from time to time.

  12. That is a really cute dress! I sure wish I had the body to wear something that simple and sweet, it looks great on you!

    1. i’m sure you can find one for your body! there are many shops that offer designs for all sizes!

  13. That is a very nice outfit. I love that it’s a shirt dress. Those are so nice! You can wear them either way.

  14. You really look gorgeous with the dress. Blue is among my favorite color and this one really looks great and matches well with your sunnies.

  15. This outfit rocks. I love the color and pattern of the dress. I think your hat and sunglasses are perfect too.

  16. I’ve always loved shirt dresses. They are so chic and fun. Plus, they pair well with different shoes and accessories.

  17. That looks really comfortable. And I bet it feels good on a hot summer day. Probably makes you feel a lot cooler.

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