Travel Vlog: Dubai Gold Souk + Boat Ride – Photos & Video

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Travel Vlog: Dubai Gold Souk + Boat Ride – Photos & Video

Dubai Gold Souk is one of the many Souks that Tourist or Local people can visit here in UAE. It is a long street full of anything Gold and diamonds of course. You just have to figure out and make up your mind if which store you’re going to trust and buy your Gold. There are so many stores and they will mess with your mind and hypnotise you just by looking at their gold jewellery.

dubai gold souk

My advice before going to Dubai Souk is to find an exact photo or something near to what design you want and show it to the salesman and they will help you to find it. You will probably need a lot of time to spend if you wanted a specific design or you may end up like me, Just stood in front of that SONA store and there it is my Gold Bracelet that is meant to be for me…

Don’t forget to WATCH the Youtube Video Above! Sunset at the Creek Boat Ride looks amazing!

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You can ride the train station to Al Fahidi Metro Station or Al Ghubaiba Metro Station if you wanna ride the Boat and experience it while you’re on its way to Gold Souk, You may Explore Old Souk and Textile Souk, Dubai Museum and you can also find Old Buildings and Mosques and just enjoy a good walk before your Boat Ride to Gold Souk. Boat Ride is only 1dirham/1aed. If you wanted a straight Route using the Metro Station, You may stop at Al Ras Metro Station which is the nearest.

dubai gold souk

It was our second time visiting the Gold Souk, First time was to just look around see what’s happening and just check it out. I was surprised and overwhelmed. I’ve never been to a street with full on Gold Stores and Gold Jewellery. I somehow felt scared as well like maybe anytime from where are gun mans or robbery will be in front of me right before my eyes haha But nah, I read too much and watch too much criminal shows I guess, Dubai is , People wear Gold here compare to Malaysia that I don’t feel safe.

dubai gold souk

Riding the Boat was fun. Everyone seems so quiet and serious, It was nice to watch the sunset while on the boat. It was beautiful and the light reflecting the water looks amazing, So Don’t forget to watch the video above to see it too! and hope you like it too!

untitled folder

Above photo is the bracelet that we bought at Sona Jewellery. It was love at first sight, Perfect fit and perfect size. Most of the bracelet comes in pair (2) but we only have decided to buy one and see how it goes. My husband and I love Gold. It is a good investment and of course, you look good when you have wear Gold. We are planning to go back there soon and buy the other one so both of them bracelets are together again, Like husband and wife hahaha (cheesy!) =D haha

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