Rice Me Up! + Bibingka in Dubai, UAE

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Rice Me Up! + Bibingka in Dubai, UAE

Living in Dubai can also mean Food! Why? Delicious food is everywhere from Greek, Arabic, Indian, Filipino and many others that you can think of. Since I haven’t been attending events and reviews here in Dubai, (trying to be chill) I’m doing my own reviews and trying to discover new food places to have yummy food to indulge. You know, We are still new here so I would love to visit as many places as I can.

rice me up + bibingka in dubai uae

Moving on, Nearby is where Rice Me up Located. They just opened a few months ago and they serve Filipino foods, Desserts and a Coffee shop All in one Place. The ambience is really good. They have the orange colour themed and very neat sitting arrangements. You can hear Music playing as well, to set the mood while eating which is always nice as long as it’s not loud. Also since the place is hidden and more private compared to others, You can feel more at home and relax while you are eating. It is not busy and chill kind of place to enjoy your meal and to have a nice conversation with a friend.

rice me up + bibingka in dubai uae

I’m still waiting for their reply on facebook, so will let you guys know if the buffet is still available and some few infos about it. Will try to check it out again tomorrow as well and will update this entry for everyone who’s interested in visiting the place.

So last time about a month ago, They were offering Buffet at an affordable price although, I Remember that I had to buy my own drinks and desserts separately, so probably it changed or maybe not. You guys just have to check it out. I pass by earlier around noon and I didn’t see any sign outside that there is a buffet available, Will try to check it out again tomorrow and will update this.

rice me up + bibingka in dubai uae

We never had a time to sit back & relax and eat our food in Rice Me UP. We bought a take-out or take away twice from them and the prices are reasonable as well. My husband and I approve the cooking. The food is nice and good for sharing if you have at least 4 dishes for 2adults-1kid. But at the end of the day, We know that there is competition, So they have to be more generous with the portion or maybe change the takeaway bowl they use to make the portion look bigger haha

rice me up + bibingka in dubai uae

As you can see the last take-out we had, I had to put my finger in the takeaway bowl and it barely reaches half of the bowl. I don’t know if the portion is really small or just the takeaway bowl is too big for the portion that they are serving. Take note that we only Paid for the Dishes itself, Separate a bowl of Rice and the serving is like that. Overall the food is nice, yummy and well cooked!

rice me up + bibingka in dubai uae

From Burjuman Metro Station walk to the Entrance 1 and the building or the opposite door from the metro is the one that u needed to walk in. You will see a sign saying “BIBINGKA” Click Me for Map Click Me for the Photo of the building. =)


rice me up + bibingka in dubai uae

To give you an idea of the place, See the photos below, Where you can see 3 separate names. One is Rice me Up which serves the Filipino food, Second is the Bibingka which obviously serves bibingka and the third is the Coffee shop that I have to try next! Photo above is their buffet set up! Looks very good right? =D

*Last two(2) photos are grabbed from Rice Me Up Facebook Page. I do not own it and only using it for Information Thanks!

rice me up + bibingka in dubai uae

The place is totally recommended for everyone to try it out and invite your friend to visit. It’s a 3 in 1 place to spend time with friends and family. The ambience is good. Foods are cooked well. Staffs are nice. Bibingka is freshly baked! and coffee is available!

Everything you need, One stop place to spend your rest day from work and just indulge for yummy Filipino Delicacies.

CLICK ME to visit their Facebook Page — BIBINGKINITAN WebsiteRICE ME UP Website =)

Don’t forget to CHECK OUT THE MENU ABOVE to see the prices available as well, While I’m waiting for the buffet infos!

Thanks all for reading! Will update you guys very soon and let me know below if you have any questions! See you on my next time food review adventure! Follow my social media everything @tauyanm for more updates! everything is updated =) x0~


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37 thoughts on “Rice Me Up! + Bibingka in Dubai, UAE

  1. I would go to Dubai for the food adventure! Rice Me Up seems like a good place to go to for a quick but hearty meal.

    1. Oh geez, I didn’t see my first comment and thought it didn’t go through. Now I have three comments here (including this one, lol!). I just wanted to make sure you knew I visited and liked the post. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

  2. The food here looks really good. We had a restaurant similar to this open up where I live. You tell them what you want on your rice bowl, and they will add it on.

  3. I would love to visit Dubai and try out the different foods. It all looks amazing!

  4. wow! so amazing that you’re living in Dubai that must be one hell of an experience. These all look so mouth watering, true when I think Dubai I don’t instantly think Food so it’s great that you’re doing your own reviews.

    1. agree with you! when someone thinks dubai they just thought of luxury malls and expensive cars but food here are amazing too!

  5. I wish we had so many delivery and food options! I know there are more downtown. It all looks so delicious!

  6. A Filipino would surely miss bibingka once he stay in a foreign land. Love Bibingka, too. And its nice that there are Filipino food available to satisfy one’s cravings.

  7. I’d probably be wondering about the portioning too, but in general, it looks delicious. I’d love to try it!

  8. All of that food looks amazing. I wish I had this place near by. I would love to try it all out. Sounds so good!

  9. I’m so glad that Filipinos have these two stores to rely on when they’re missing their favorite home cooked food! Bibingkinitan is one of my favorites here in Manila, good to know they have a branch there!

    1. i dont even know bibingkinitan exist until i move here in Dubai haha I guess i’ve been away too long from philippines

    1. Filipino Foods are interesting, You might some of the dishes similar to spanish, american, chinese and some others but with filipino touch and taste

  10. I love that little coffee wall sticker they have, so cute! This sounds like a tasty place to visit.

  11. This is nice. My sister-in-law and a nephew are in Dubai working. I’ll share this review to them.

  12. I’ve never been to Dubai, but the vast selection of foods look amazing. I love trying different varieties of food!

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