Travel Vlog: Dubai Miracle Garden UAE – (Photos & Video) #mydubai #dubaiblogger

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Travel Vlog: Dubai Miracle Garden UAE – (Photos & Video) #mydubai #dubaiblogger

How I miss the Flowers, the cold weather and the cardigan outfits in Dubai. Of course one of the things that I’m missing as well is the Dubai Miracle Garden which felt like Disney for me (even though I haven’t been to Disney LOL) It’s a happy place full of Different kind of Flowers, Colourful Sight Seeing, Balloons, Ice Cream and Families wandering around the place.

Dubai Miracle Garden -

We went to Dubai Miracle Garden Few Months Ago During Winter here in Dubai, It is nice to know that we made it there before it closed this Summer, No wonder coz Dubai in Summer is freaking hot. Imagine Opening a Hot Oven + the thick air when you go out is just not good at all, I can’t breathe when I go out, I can feel the burn like there a fire near me trying to burn my skin.

Dubai Miracle Garden -

Don’t forget to WATCH the VIDEO below for the FULL TRAVEL VIDEO of DMG! Virtual Tour For you! =)

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You Can also View the Photos that my Husband Took below!


When I was checking which photos I’m supposed to upload here, or start editing, I was having a hard time. Too many photos and I just can’t decide which one to pick for this blogpost. But I did it. It was a hard work! All the photos looks so pretty and amazing! All thanks to my husband who took all the photos for me while I was busy taking my Videos with my GOPRO for my Youtube!

Dubai Miracle Garden -

Dubai Miracle Garden is 100% family friendly. Mostly you can see are families strolling the park around. Don’t forget those couples or partners too enjoying or celebrating their love. Don’t be surprised hearing lots of kids crying around as well, It is a big place to walk to with your little kiddos definitely they’ll get tired half an hour of walking there and too many Photo bombers!

Dubai Miracle Garden -

So if you decided to go and visit, try not to go there during weekends which is Friday and Saturday. There are way too many people walking. Its hard to take nice photos without photo bombers or people walking in your picture or in your videos. You have to even queue or fall in line to get some other photos of the big wall flowers or some good spots. So don’t forget that situation.

Dubai Miracle Garden -

There is a Food Place where you can go to and eat. It’s filled with pretty colourful umbrellas and it is such a nice Idea and sight to see while you’re enjoying your food. They have varieties of foods available there, Indian, Filipino, Local and many others to choose from. Of course my family chose to have filipino foods haha obviously! We paid around 20aed for each person.

Dubai Miracle Garden -

The Food Place also have something for your little kiddos where they have tables and lots of activities for your kids like Face painting, Colouring and some others so Parents can enjoy their food while the kids are having fun with their activities. Beware of the people selling balloons and some other small toys or those food stalls, Its 20aed for a balloon that will pop up any minute!

Dubai Miracle Garden -

All in all the place were amazing! I enjoyed every minute of it and would love to come back to bring a guests in the future! I wish this coming winter for their next opening, they will be putting Like Small Swing or playground for kids. It would be a nice idea. Or maybe they have one but I didn’t see it haha and No, There are no animals animals in the Park, so those you can see on my photos are only fake ones or statues. But they totally good and photogenic! Make sure to bring extra battery for your camera too!

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Dubai Miracle Garden is CLOSE for the SUMMER – June – September/October for Renovation.

Meanwhile, You can visit and enjoy the DUBAI BUTTTERFLY GARDEN located next to it. There is no Bus Route available for now, so You reach the Park only with Car or Taxis. Go Down at Mall of the Emirates Metro Station and Get a Taxi from There!

Tickets to DMG is 30aed each person. You can book online in advance. Butterfly Garden is 50aed each when we asked before but we didn’t really go there haha We will try to visit this coming days when available or maybe just wait till winter is here woots!

Hope you guys like this blogpost! and Hope you enjoyed the Virtual Tour of the Park and the enjoyed the lovely photos! If you have any questions, Just leave me a comment down below and i’ll try to answer you guys as fast as I can! Share with your Friends!


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27 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Dubai Miracle Garden UAE – (Photos & Video) #mydubai #dubaiblogger

  1. Beautiful pictures! If I do go one day I will take your advice and go during the week and avoid going there in the weekend.

  2. Wow!!! It’s so gorgeous there! I love gardens and there’s so many pretty colors! Thank you for sharing your adventure!

  3. This is really a miracle garden! I like the different colors, Dubai sounds like a wonderful place.

  4. Dubai is one of my favorite places to vsit & my goodness, I am just loving that beautiful garden. The pictures are so exciting & they are good enough to say that this is such a miracle garden to explore. Would love visiting with my kids for sure.

  5. This reminds me of my grandma’s garden. So much color and really amazing flowers!

  6. Oh my gosh so many flowers, they’re gorgeous. I cant believe what they can turn them into.

  7. That looks so beautiful! I would love to visit that garden. I bet it was so nice to be able to see this too.

  8. I didn’t realize it was so hot in the summer but I guess I should have! Glad you got to go to the garden.

  9. se manifique! it’s like stepping into another world! i would love to visit this spectacular explosion of color

  10. Wow those are some impressive flower gardens. I want to see them in person now. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Wow. Too much colors and I love ti! For sure if I am there, I will take a photo on everything!

  12. That is a fantastic garden, I bet you guys had a great time! Wonderful pictures and video, I left you a comment on YouTube too. x

  13. So many different colors! I can see why you would want to visit and maybe never come back. I want to visit so badly now.

  14. This place looks far more magical than Disney! I swear someday I’m going to get to Dubai!

  15. You can’t deny how beautiful this place is! I would love to go! I can’t imagine Dubai being hotter than Manila, but then again, I haven’t been there before. I’m sure this is one of the things you’re looking forward to once the summer is over.

  16. Truly stunning. It reminds of a garden in California I visited once, but the Miracle Garden blows it away.

  17. Wasn’t expecting any less from Dubai, this place looks straight out from Wonderland…it’s breathtakingly beautiful

  18. Woww!! That garden looks magical! I have to go to Dubai, it has a lot of wonderful places.

  19. What an amazing place. My son was stationed in Dubai but never told me about this place.

  20. I love to travel all around the world and Dubai is on that list. If I do ever get there I will have to check this place out because it looks really cool.

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