#OOTD: Beach Blue at Burj Al Arab #summer #motherdaughter

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#OOTD: Beach Blue at Burj Al Arab #summer #motherdaughter

Being a Mother/Father or Parents is a wonderful thing to experience. It shows how strong we are, It proves us all that we can actually do a lot of things that we never thought we can do in our life. I’m a Full-time wife and a mother of an 8year old. Having a kid/s is not an easy task. It is not just your life anymore, There is a little kid following you around, Most of the time grumpy and always hungry. There is no privacy anymore. You have to be alert and embrace the whole parenting situation.

Burj Al Arab, off shoulder, mother and daughter, www.tauyanm.com

#OOTD today is something different, I’ve been planning to do this for mother’s day but I had no chance of filming a #Lookbook for Mother and Daughter version. Somehow we were all busy and I had to film my own #OOTD then. Well, finally our very first mother and daughter outfit diary is here! Don’t forget to WATCH IT down below! It was a challenge filming it since it was freaking hot that afternoon + my daughter wasn’t in the mood. Well, she’s always a grumpy head LOL

Last Friday, My family went to Deira City Centre which is a really good shopping mall that we always go to. We walked around to different shops and bought a shoes for my sister. I was looking for an Off-Shoulder outfit for my next summer #ootd and stumbled upon my blouse in H&M which is in a big size so it is a bit loose although you can’t tell on the photos.

Burj Al Arab, off shoulder, mother and daughter, www.tauyanm.com

I thought I’ll go to kids section and find one similar for my daughter and there it was! Perfect combo for my daughter and I! My daughter is a bit conservative, she doesn’t like showing some skin and wear the blouse off-shoulder haha But somehow I managed to make her wear it as I wanted to for photos and video sake =D It is not that easy to film this so thanks to my husband for being so patient taking the photos and videos even though it was Oven Hot at the beach that day in Jumeirah.

Don’t forget to watch the YOUTUBE VIDEO above for my very first Mother and Daughter Outfit Diary! 

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Mother and Daughter Blouses from H&M ~ ~ ~ Sandals/ChokerNeklace/Bracelet/Sunnies from Daytoday Local Shop here.

Burj Al Arab, off shoulder, mother and daughter, www.tauyanm.com

Burj Al Arab, off shoulder, mother and daughter, www.tauyanm.com

Thanks everyone for the comments and visiting my blog and watching my Youtube Videos! Let me know if you guys would love to see more of #MotherandDaughter outfit in the future or If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!


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33 thoughts on “#OOTD: Beach Blue at Burj Al Arab #summer #motherdaughter

  1. They say having a daughter is like having your best friend. I could aee that in your photos. How i wish i have a daughter too.

  2. Cute outfits! Love the pics as well. Very pretty background. Looks like you two enjoyed yourselves.

  3. Your outfits are perfect and so cute!! I am really love the sandals. I wish my kids would like to dress up like me. We have completely different fashion styles.

  4. felicidades epica on filming your look book. these photos look amazing. y’all are beautiful.

  5. You both look beautiful! It is so much fun to dress up together. Very cute outfits together!

  6. These are great pictures! You are both stunning and your daughter has the most beautiful hair!

  7. Nice OOTD! Parenting is the most difficult job in the world. Yes it is not just your life anymore and you really have to be alert all the time.

  8. Wow, I like these matching outfits. Both of you look good and you don’t look like her mother, a sister maybe!

  9. You guys look adorable! I love those tops for the beach, so summery and flowy.

  10. You both look adorable! I wish I also had a daughter to have matchy-matcchy outfits with!

  11. Nice outfit! I haven’t realized that you are her mother, I am looking for the photos for a while.

  12. You two look like the perfect match. Great clothes and great location.

  13. Your outfits are so cute! I love the phase where kids are interested in wearing matching clothes. 🙂

  14. Looks like a sisterhood dress up! You don’t look like her mother! Both are gorgeous!

  15. I thought you were the big sister until I read the article. You look amazing and young

  16. You guys are so adorable! You don’t really look like a mom, more like a big sister! Love the outfit, it’s perfect for the warm days of the summer!

  17. Awww. What a precious duo you two are! Yes more mommy/daughter outfit pictures.

  18. Ya’ll both look so adorable in the outfits and the color is perfect for both of you. Love the beach scene, you should have these photos printed and framed. So cute.

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