Kimchikin: Contemporary Korean Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

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Kimchikin: Contemporary Korean Restaurant in Dubai

First couple of weeks in Dubai, I had the sudden craving for Korean Food. Probably because when I was in Malaysia, One of the last blogging gig I did was a Food Review and that was a Korean Buffet in Bangsar South. Was craving hard for Kimchi! Luckily, There’s one place that is just walking distance to where I live and few more restaurants that I would love to visit as well in the future. I’ve been eating lots of good foods here in Dubai and probably gaining weight for too much eating haha

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Kimchikin is located in Karama Just beside or next to Park Regis Hotel. Another one is located at Al Nahda opposite NMC Hospital behind Price Less Supermarket. See below photo to see the Karama front picture of the Restaurant.
You may call: Al Karama: 04 397 7650 | 055 266 2466 Al Nahda: 04 254 7748 | 055 297 5533 for more information.


You may CLICK the PHOTOS below to SEE them in LARGER version and to enjoy the Food Photos! I only use my Iphone5s which is dying on me already so please bear with my not so photogenic shots haha

So first thing, the food was good. No bad comments or anything. Food serving is enough for one people. The meat is pretty big for me or for my appetite and just enough to feel full with a drink on the side. I was so happy having to eat some kimchi too. I Thought that the Kimchi was lack of that bit of spicy taste in it, But it gave me satisfaction as I was craving for it.


The service is good as well, They were pretty busy with deliveries during lunchtime when we arrived so the counter was full with a cashier, delivery guy and some others who’s completing the food for deliveries. Thought that they should do the packing for deliveries and completing, putting all the foods inside the plastic in the kitchen or somewhere definitely not in the counter/cashier place or some table that is not occupied for customers to have some less noise and more understanding while ordering.


The place is full of Post-It Paper all over! It is like having a post-it war inside but it was cute and very colourful! I enjoyed reading some of the post-it messages and hard to believe but I didn’t write anything haha but will try next time we visit there for more foods! Of course K-Pop music is present where you can watch their music videos while waiting for your food or just enjoy it while eating your foods. I believe that WIFI is available in the place as well, so take some snaps and tag them! =)

I would recommend this Restaurant for you to try, Hopefully I can come back soon and try their different Chicken Dishes!

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14 thoughts on “Kimchikin: Contemporary Korean Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

  1. Wow! I haven’t been in Dubai in over a decade! When I do visit I’ll have to make a mental note to visit that place!

  2. I bet this food is great! I actually have never had Korean food but I bet it’s amazing! Great post!

  3. Those chicken wings look like heaven. I am seriously drooling. I need a bit of dinner, and it looks like this would fit the bill.

  4. I always wanted to put my hands on some of those yummy Asian foods & Kimchikin sounds like a wonderful restaurant to get the best of them in Dubai. The foods looks super delicious that I would go for a visit right away!

  5. This is a nice restaurant, I wish I can eat there! I like Korean chicken and their kimchi is the best!

  6. The chicken at the beginning of the post really caught my attention. I love Korean food because it tastes so fresh and I love spicy dishes, so it’s always a win for me!

  7. Sounds like a great place to eat. The food all looks really good! I would really love to try Korean food. I don’t think I have yet.

  8. I am craving right now for Korean cuisine. I love bibimbap and chapchee. Good thing I had some Kimchi here.

  9. Oh, seems to be a nice restaurant in Dubai. I have tried to eat at a Korean restaurant and I love their Kimchi.

  10. Aww, what a cool place. I’d love to try some of their Korean meals. I love all of the cute post-its.

  11. Those post it notes are so cute. Such a nice touch. And that Katsu rice looks delicious.

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