#OOTD: Max Fashion

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#OOTD: Max Fashion

Hello guys! I’m back with another Outfit Post! CLICK ME to see my other #OOTD blogposts. Just a reminder that this post is not religion related. I put this look altogether based on the things I bought during the Max Fashion Sale a week ago. Max Fashion is one of the leading stores here in Dubai. There is an outlet just downstairs from where i live so I thought I’d drop by and see what they have while they are on sale. I ended up spending a reasonable amount, I guess more than 300aed++ haha yes I’m guilty! But I don’t really shop a lot here in Dubai as I don’t get the chance to go out that much compared to when I was living in Malaysia and attending blogging related events.

dubai blogger, max fashion

dubai blogger, max fashion

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dubai blogger, max fashion

Temperatures are beginning to rise as summer approaches in Dubai & temperatures between 40 and 50 can be expected from now until September. A smart girl needs to be prepared and protect herself against the heat and sunlight that pours down on you during this time of the year. In this weather it certainly makes sense to cover up and protect your eyes as well.

dubai blogger, max fashion

When you think Arabian Fashion you might think of the ever present “abaya”, however once you live in Dubai you soon find out that nothing could be further from the truth. Walking around Dubai you will find some of the most beautiful women wearing truly innovative & stylish high end fashion.

dubai blogger, max fashion

Immersing myself in the culture of Dubai … I headed down to Max Fashion to secure a range of outfits that adds style and demonstrate that elegance and conservativeness can coexist to bring a look that would appeal to any modern Dubai woman. For the OOTD look I chose a long sleeve black top, matched with a Bronze/Brown flowing skirt, making a perfect blend if I was against a Desert backdrop and ankle length to give it that conservative look.

Some form of head cover is required in this environment and after being here for a few months I now realise that the Middle Eastern head cover is not only to protect the modesty of the beautiful Middle Eastern ladies but it really is an absolute necessity to protect your skin against the harsh desert heat and sun. I chose a light coloured scarf with s simple design that wraps around your face and gives a classic look and added the sunglasses to complete the look.

dubai blogger, max fashion

I have been living in Dubai for six months now and so far loving it. I’ve been so inspired to come up with a look like this, Can you imagine how a simple scarf or sarong or simple fabric can give you that ultimate glam look. It gives life to your not so alive look LOL. I’ve been watching how to tie head scarfs a lot lately. I learned a few techniques already and try to remember each of them and make sure I won’t be needing a pin for it so next time I can glam myself in just a Minute!

Blouse – Skirt – Clutch – Shoes – Scarf – are all bought from Max Fashion Store. (Not Sponsored) Wearing Newlook-Necklace

Ring I got from h&m. Wearing Zalora Malaysia Watch and Random Sunnies haha Which is one of my fave this few days…

dubai blogger, max fashion

Thanks to my husband for taking all the time to take all my photos and videos. He’s been busy working but still find time to help me and be creative himself for that perfect shots which I appreciate a lot. He’s been very supportive with my blogging like forever and I’m so thankful for that coz I love blogging, and sharing things to everyone!

dubai blogger, max fashion

I’m guilty that I posted too many photos for this #ootd which usually I only post around 5-6 shots. Its just that i can’t resist to put everything If i can, All the shots were amazing, Guess I have to admit that my husband is a much better photographer than me haha I just need to learn how to pose more naturally and go with the flow of how I feel with the outfit.

Thanks everyone for the support I’ve been getting from my Facebook Page, Instagram and here on my Blog. As I’m living now in Dubai, I decided to get a new domain name, www.dubaifashionblogger.com which will redirect to www.tauyanm.com I’m so happy! Don’t forget to visit more often! Would love to read your comments below =)


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44 thoughts on “#OOTD: Max Fashion

  1. I love all your accessories, especially the bracelet. Your look is amazing and I love the heels as well.

  2. You look absolutely incredible! I just love everything about this, thank you for sharing!

  3. He did a brilliant job photographing you. The whole outfit looked fantastic, and your jewelry and accessories are too.

  4. I like how you emphasized on protecting yourself from summer heat. You look like really prepared for it.

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous & stunning in that outfit & those accessories adds more value to the entire look & feel. Your dress looks so comfy to wear for any season & I love that beautiful shoes & purse as well.

  6. I like the whole thing, you look really fab! I love your skirt and your accessories too.

  7. I super love your skirt, does it comes in a pink color? I love the whole outfit, you look fabulous!

  8. I like that skirt, very maxi! I love your fashion sense and you look really good!

  9. You look really nice and dressed appropriate for the environment.Not everyone would do it. Glad you did.

  10. I love this outfit! It looks so comfortable to be out and about in. I really enjoy seeing your look books!

  11. I think you look great! I really love the shoes and the necklace. They’re very pretty! What a great style you have.

  12. You look great as usual. I love the simple outfit. Glad to know that you have a very supportive husband.

  13. You are very fashionable, my wife would like to see this. She loves wearing nice clothes too.

  14. I love how you managed to make this look sophisticated and fashionable all at the same time. It’s really very nice. You looked lovely.

  15. I love how you made a plain looking blouse and skirt stand out and look so fashionable. Nice accessories and shoes!

  16. I agree, Muslim women are just as stylish as we are because regardless of religion because you can still look fabulous. Style is about interpretation and you look great love the printed scarf.

  17. your outfit is pretty awesome. I really like the combination from Top up to bottom. It so unique and beautiful.

  18. I am loving this look, the black and nude just go so well together. Definitely recreation this look this summer

  19. There’s is so much to love about this outfit. It is perfection from head to toe. As a shoe lover, of course I noticed those stunning heels right away.

  20. you look amazing! moi caliente! happy ramadan. Awesome pics and description

  21. I bet that helps keep you cool in the hot sun. And it looks good too! Altogether, it is a great outfit.

  22. It’s so awesome how you get to immerse yourself in different cultures! I love the mixture of colors and patterns.

  23. The outfit is very appealing, I like the blouse and the skirt and how you put everything together! It suits you well! I always avoided this kind of outfit, but it’s so much more appealing when you use pieces that are “in” these days.

  24. I love that skirt. The scarf and shoes really bring the whole outfit together 🙂 I’m not great at putting together outfits. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  25. I love this scarf and it is perfect with this skirt. My son was station for 9 months in Dubai and I love seeing pictures of the mall there.

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