Filipino Fast Food Chain – Jollibee in Dubai, UAE! #CravingsSatisfied #Jollibee

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Filipino Fast Food Chain – Jollibee in Dubai, UAE!

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It is not surprising at all that Filipinos are crazy over Jollibee. I can say that it is one of the things that we really miss when we, Filipinos move outside The Philippines to start a new life or to work as an OFW. I was in Singapore for years, then moved in Malaysia, When Singapore decided to have Jollibee in Lucky Plaza – A Filipino Mall where you can buy anything Filipinos and of course see and meet Filipinos and have a conversation in our own dialect.

Jollibee in Dubai, UAE

Living in Malaysia just next to Singapore, 4-6hour bus ride, or an hour flight makes me crave more to go there just to eat Jollibee. It is a serious craving. I haven’t been back in The Philippines for so long, Once I scroll to my Facebook and see someone posted anything Jollibee, It is like the end of the world hahaha Saliva all over and I just can’t do anything about it but to just imagine and make something for myself like cook a fried chicken myself and filipino style spaghetti.

Surprisingly, My husband who is not fond of the sweet taste of Jollibee Spaghetti or Jolly Hotdog is now also a fanatic. Even our daughter ask for Jollibee at least once a week which I have no objection at all. That’s how strong Jollibee craving is for my family. Its a part of our life to have it every Friday here in Dubai and indulge the crispy-ness of their chicken joy, & savour it with their yummy gravy! and Just to let you guys know, that Jollibee Chicken Joy is somehow different taste compare to others, Other fast food chain won’t win and that is definitely for real.

So we move to Dubai – 5months now, Jollibee is the main priority haha Dubai Mall was the place to hangout every Fridays. Btw, Friday and Saturday is the weekend in Dubai, UAE so it is Thank God its Thursday! (not Friday) When we arrived in Dubai, They only have Jollibee in Dubai Mall, Located in the FoodCourt. Reason why Filipinos gather there on weekends.

Now it is a total different story. 2 More Jollibee’s are now born Located in the Mall of the Emirates and Burjuman Centre. That is 3 Jollibee Filipino Fast Food Chain in Dubai! Now people are asking for more around Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Guess it won’t be too long till they have their own nearest Jollibee. It is conquering Dubai and I say why not! If you’re a first timer in Dubai, Don’t fret! This place is like Manila Full of Filipinos and Filipino Restaurants where ever you go! You won’t be lost! Just don’t trust Waze when driving, I did end up in the desert last time I used it haha =D

Jollibee in Dubai, UAE

So If you wanna know the Jollibee Locations in Dubai, Please visit the following Branches available for now: Jollibee in Burjuman Centre Outside-View/ Carpark – Dubai Mall Food Court – Mall of the Emirates Food Court.

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*Some of the photos posted above are not mine and grabbed from Jollibee UAE Facebook page. Thank you


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17 thoughts on “Filipino Fast Food Chain – Jollibee in Dubai, UAE! #CravingsSatisfied #Jollibee

  1. I always love Jollibee since I was a kid and now my kids would love Jollibee too.

  2. From one of my Asian friend, I’ve heard of Jollibee before, though I wanted to give a try I never had a chance before. Dubai being a great place for shopping these fast food chain looks absolutely great & I would love trying those delicious foods.

  3. This looks like a great fast food place. They look like they have a lot of selections.

  4. We eat fast food all the time. It looks like this place has alot of interesting foods. Dubai is one place on my bucket list. If I ever make it there, we will check it out.

  5. I don’t typically eat fast food, but this place looks like they have a lot of great eats. Nice to see they are reaching out to their fellow Filipinos around the world.

  6. I love fast food! The ambience of this place looks so cool and vibrant. Dubai is really a hub of all the awesome things.

  7. Wow, I love Jollibee spaghetti and my son loves it too! Good thing they are expanding overseas.

  8. Wow, jollibee had gone so far. Reaching out to millions of Filipinos abroad, good job for them.

  9. Iba talaga ang Jollibee. The scent in the restaurant alone will make you feel at home.

  10. Glad that they’re expanding! I’m sure there’s at least a thousand happier people made with this decision to branch out. I’ll definitely drop by once I get back to Dubai!

  11. This sounds like an awesome place to eat! It’s great that there are so many to choose from in Dubai!

  12. Good to know that you have a taste of home in Dubai. There will be times that you’re going to miss the food here, definitely. So it’s good to have a familiar fast food restaurant nearby.

  13. We were at the Dubai airport not too long ago, and we enjoyed checking out all the restaurants there. If we were to venture out into the city, I would have definitely checked this chain out! <3

  14. Looks like you had an amazing time. I wish my family and I could travel by plane! However with our son having special needs, we prefer to travel by car or train now.

  15. That sounds like an awesome fast food restaurant. I would love to try it out someday!

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