Travel Vlog: Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai, UAE (See Photos + Video) #SkiDubai

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Travel Vlog: Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai, UAE


Who would have thought that in Dubai United Arab Emirates, Everything is Possible! Today I’ll be sharing you guys about my family trip in the Indoor Ski Dubai, UAE inside the Mall of the Emirates (not Dubai Mall) The Ski Dubai is such an awesome experience for me and my family. It is our first time to learn to ski and enjoy the Snow in a Desert Country!

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First Impression was scary for husband and I. We don’t like feeling so cold at all. Last time we went for Snow City in Singapore and Snow Place in Genting Highlands Malaysia we didn’t las that long coz it was truly cold for us to stay and enjoy it. Ski Dubai is somehow different. It took us an hour or so before we even feel the super cold snow.

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First time we entered the place, We were like oh! It’s not that bad and not that cold which was good coz we had lots of time to enjoy all the rides that included in the tickets that we bought. Although, our noses were already red and a bit numb. The staffs working inside the Ski Dubai were all friendly and allowed us to capture all the moments!

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Also we did some ski lesson for beginners, and darn it was hard for me haha. I just can’t keep up with what the instructor were telling me. He keep on telling me to to make my ski in V-shape which was hard btw. My daughter was even better than me haha. We’re thinking that we will go back before the year end and do it ourselves instead. Because you know, sometimes you gotta learn your way just make sure you know how to balance and stop yourself on your down the slope.

My instructor was awesome. His very patient with my husband and me, although, I know he’s in that point that he just want our session to finish coz i’m not making things any easier for him haha. Also one of the guy in ski shoe thingy counter (see him in my video) was disappointing. He kinda scolded me like a child in-front of the others staffs and people queue-ing just because of the shoes I think. can’t really remember the reason why. But go check-out my video and see what he looks like.

Also my daughters ski-instructor was not being funny at that moment that I was frustrated for not being good at ski. We were on our way up the practise slope and he look at me behind and told me “Look! Those kids are better than you” Well, not very motivating at all. He knew I was struggling. He could’ve told me something better to trust myself and motivate me but he did the other way around. Way to go! and I am Not being mean or anything just saying, He could’ve said anything else positive and help, why being negative. Those 2guys were the bad experience in Ski Dubai for me.

Well, sure I remember their faces haha will take a photo of them next time, so beware with these instructors who are having some PMS and will ruin your day in Ski Dubai. All in all except those very helpful and friendly instructors, the SKI Dubai is awesome to experience once in your life haha. Specially if you haven’t been to a snow indoor before. The place is huge! Ride the Cable Car as you will reach the top of the slope which you cannot see at all if you’re only way down where the rides are located.

Good thing is, You can go outside and have some food or chill a bit and go back inside to enjoy the Ski Dubai again. Just keep your bands/ID. Shoes, Socks, gloves and Full outfit to go inside is all included. You might wanna buy a hat or you bring your own. Try the Cafe inside the ski dubai too! Nachos was yummy!

You can CLICK ME and see the packages and pricing they have and available for you. We had the SUPER PASS which is the all day pass. You can stay there in and out of the place. Also you can try all the rides available in their snow place. Included in the pass is the 60 minutes ski lesson for my husband and I and my daughter too! Totally worth the price if you’re new!

Guess that is all for today. If you have any questions, Let me know in the comment box below! Till next time!

Hope you guys love all the photos and videos above! See you on my next trip! Social media: @tauyanm =)


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22 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai, UAE (See Photos + Video) #SkiDubai

  1. Omg i might be a tad bit jealous!!! So wanna visit here one day!!!! What an experience

  2. What an amazing adventure! You guys look like had a lot of fun. 🙂 Regards to your family!

  3. That looks like so much fun. I haven’t been skiing in years. The last time I went was back when I was in school. I would love to take my daughters out skiing someday. I think they would love it.

  4. Glad you had a great time and heyho there are always the grumps trying to spread their not so cool day to others. Forget the grumps and remember the fun you all had as a family. Awesome video and Photos 🙂

  5. Dubai is a nice place to visit right? And I am sure this is one of the many reasons why 🙂

  6. Wow, this sounds really awesome. I never thought that you can go skiing inside a mall especially in Dubai.

  7. Wow, Ski Dubai sounds really load of so much fun. I never thought that they can do this in Dubai despite the hot weather there.

  8. Indoor skiing that’s so much fun for the whole family! I don’t mind cold places, especially with the weather that we’ve been having. It would be so nice to go to a place like this.

  9. Ahh, why are there so many fun things to do in Dubai? Ski Dubai is just so cool. I’d love to check it out.

  10. That is a mini wonderland! What a great way to experience different environments when you live in a certain kind! 🙂

  11. Very cool. I wish they had something similar in FL. It would be so much fun to enjoy winter sports even in the hot summer months.

  12. Oh my gosh, how beautiful and fun. I wish we’d get snow here after seeing all of your photos.

  13. Wow! How pretty! We used to live in areas that got snow! I am glad you had so much fun! Playing in the snow is so family friendly!

  14. Looks like a great deal for first timers. I have not been to Dubai yet, but I will keep this in mind, if and when we fly over there for a vacation.

  15. That sounds like an amazing place to ski. I live near the mountains in New England and we ski all winter long.

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