Travel Vlog: Dubai Safari – Dubai Zoo (UAE)

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Travel Vlog: Dubai Safari – Dubai Zoo (UAE)

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Hello everyone! Just a quick update for today! Below is a full video of my daughter and I in Dubai Safari Dubai Zoo which was an interesting visit. Entrance fee is only 2aed so thats like super cheap! Cheaper than my shawarma haha.

First time Seeing a pair of Lions “mating” there were around 5-8 people with us watching the lions and just so suddenly this 2 lions were in the mood for a show and had to kinda did this SEX thing just like that. I don’t even know how to explain my daughter if what they’re doing haha Although surprisingly the other kids with us seems to exactly know what it is haha


Everyone was taking a video and kids making so much noise, that the male lion felt angry and walked near us and just freaking ROAR!! haha It was my first time I heard a Lion Roar in front of me, I was shaking and scared and just wanted to feel safe and out of the zoo haha. After that roar, I feel that the Lion is just following me haha I’m that seriously scared haha.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! and Don’t miss the “mating” Part on 5:05 LOL Enjoy everyone! =)

It was a nice sunny day We went around 2pm. The Zoo is close every Tuesday. You can CLICK ME to know other informations about the Zoo if you want to visit in the future. I’ve noticed that there are so many kinds of turtles and all different looking ones. I bet your kids will enjoy the visit there. The cages are somehow like doubled wire, I can even take a nice artsy photos of the animals which is kinda sad haha. All I see is just Thick Wired Cages which is probably good for the better and safety of everyone!

CLICK the PHOTOS to see them in LARGER Version. Enjoy!

The Zoo is not that really big compare to the other many Zoo’s we’ve been to. Although, it is a nice quick place to bring your family and kids for a little walk and learn things about the surroundings and the animals. We spent around 1hour and a half walking around with little bit of rest in between walks. They have benches around that you can stop and just relax and watch.

Hope you guys liked this quick VLOG that I managed to take during our visit. Let me know if you have any questions. =)


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14 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Dubai Safari – Dubai Zoo (UAE)

  1. My goodness, that peacock is quiet amazing with those gorgeous & colorful feathers. I never know Dubai has sucg Zoos as well & kids would be so excited to have some fun experience all around.

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a zoo! That peacock looks beautiful with all the gorgeous feathers!

  3. That was a funny experience with the lions. Dubai’s a high quality place and I wouldn’t expect anything less even with their zoos. I remember my friend from that place telling me stories about this. Great place!

  4. Wow you actually caught the lions mating. Its so funny how the female lion is just there lmao!

  5. I love peacock colors. We have a house around here that has no less than 20 and they all wander the area. We love a good zoo!

  6. I never pegged Dubai as the Safari/ Zoo kind of place because I just imagine skyscraper buildings but it is nice to be proved wrong!

  7. great photos! CT’d the “Click me” buttons. You lead a pretty interesting & fun life

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