Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part4 Street Art + Caricatures (Photos + Video)

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Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part4 Street Art + Caricatures (Photos + Video)

The last but not the least Part of my Penang Travel Vlog is here! woots! Finally haha I’ve been MIA for a week without youtube videos or blogpost. There’s too many things and got so busy. But hopefully you guys will enjoy the Photos & the Video below which is a Virtual Tour for you all to enjoy and see the beauty of Penang Malaysia! CLICK ME to see my other TRAVELS!



We tried our best to find all the Street Art but we didn’t managed as we lost our way already and it’s been raining the whole time we were walking trying to find the Street Arts, Found some maps on google if where to find them but still failed to do it haha Wished I saw the Swing with the cute girl and the love telephone! Next time hopefully!

CLICK the PHOTOS below to see the LARGER version of it! Enjoy the photos! I have so much photos need to upload! hehe

It was a very nice quick 2days of Penang Adventure for me and family. Unplanned trips are always the ones that are the most memorable and more of happy moments! Hope I can go back soon and find the other Street Art and buy viagra online Try all the famous Penang Foods that I missed haha Well, We don’t really much when we travel somehow hotel breakfast keep us going for the day till near dinner time or supper. Although, we drink a lot of water and always carry them everywhere. Till next time guys! =)

Don’t forget to WATCH THE VIDEO below to see and experience Penang Virtually! It’s alway more Fun in Motion – Videos!



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14 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part4 Street Art + Caricatures (Photos + Video)

  1. Looks like a super fun time! I’m hoping to travel a lot this and next year so I’ll keep it on my list!

  2. I loved the time I spent in Penang but I did not get to do a tour/scavenger hunt of the street art. That would have been so fun.

  3. Pretty street arts! The bike street art is really cool.. I wish they maintained it so that it would still look good 🙂

  4. Those street art are really cool! I really had a fun time looking at your photos. It’s really brilliant! Those are a must see when travelling to Malaysia.

  5. The street art is awesome, I love that some of them have bikes that you can sit on. I didn’t know that Malaysia is also known for their street art, their temples are enough to entice tourists! This is worth going to!

  6. Those street art are amazing. I’ve seen my own fair share of paintings like those and I can’t help but be amazed at all of them. You’re right about unplanned trips and the fun associated with it, looking forward to you trying those Penang Foods next time!

  7. That street artwork is just amazing to see! I love the children riding the bicycle.

  8. The photos are amazing. I love to travel but have never made it to this part of the world. Might need to add to the list of places to go one day.

  9. I love all the photos! Looks like such a beautiful place to travel. I’d definitely want to go here with my husband some day.

  10. My husband travels here quite often on business, but he doesn’t venture much past the hotel. He needs to get out and about more!

  11. One of my favorite things about traveling is being to experience the local cuisine. What an incredible trip. It looks like you experience so much of Penang.

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