Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect Wedding Venue is one of the many things that the bride and groom needs to decide months before their big day. Reservations, Planning, Catering, Design of the over all place, Colours, Sitting Arrangements and many other things depends on the venue you both have chosen.

Let me suggest you some of the Wedding Venues I found below and see the awesome photos! All of us have different taste in choosing the perfect venue for the big day, Some wants extra-vagant, while some are simple and memorable =) Enjoy!

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Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa is one of the top on my list here. Why? This place is just perfect for everything. If Beach wedding venue is your liking, This must be one of the nicest place to go to. You can enjoy and have some relaxing moment while you’re staying in the Resort. Does Spa ring a bell? After the hectic schedule this must be the only way to relax yourself and prepare yourself for the big day! Think about honeymoon! This place is all at once. Guests will surely enjoy the sunset & sunrise. 

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One Esplanade One of the ideal wedding venue is to have some kind of a Grand Ball going on on your Wedding. Dancing Bride and Groom with all the guest watching with romantic music and amazing foods and lighting. All eyes on you the whole night because it is your special day! This place is amazing for you to enjoy dancing with all your guests and just have a blast with live music and good food on your table!

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Lemuria is one of my fave for wedding venues. It gives me the family and friends good vibe. The place is like old-fashion, rustic, Picture Perfect everywhere you pose or get candid. The details of the house and the garden spells simplicity and at the same time it has this glamorous and elegant feeling. Wedding at the garden, reception inside the house or vice versa. This is a nice place to celebrate your wedding if you want more intimate or you want to be close and interact more with your friends and family invited.

wedding venue

Last but not the least, Jardin De Marimar is one things you might find perfect for a simple but super fun and adventurous couple celebrating their big day. A Garden Wedding is perfect if you love nature, and love the outdoor idea. Everywhere you go or take photos to remember will be a perfect shot with the perfect greenery background. Wedding venue and reception all in one place. Kids and families will totally love this idea. The vibrant colours around and the happy faces will brighten up your big day!

There are so many other Wedding Venues Available out there! You can visit for more ideas from wedding venues, wedding gowns and many other things you need to accomplish for a perfect wedding day that you will treasure forever!


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12 thoughts on “Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

  1. Wow, this is one of my dream I love to have a wedding on the beach. It looks peaceful and romantic

  2. Those are nice suggestions. I’ll probably choose a garden wedding similar to that Jardin style with a bit of that Lemuria for the reception. But still a long ways to go before I actually plan my own wedding, though!

  3. I think the most important thing in a wedding venue is the ability to have the event if there is inclement weather so I recommend always having a covered area.

  4. All of those venues look absolutely beautiful. I’m not looking to get married anytime soon, but it would be awesome to have a ceremony at any of these locations. I think the outdoor ones are my favorite, though. Especially if the weather is nice.

  5. Oh, my word! Those are some stunning photos! I can’t decide which one I like better. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beach is my dream venue I agree with Nikki it’s really romantic.

  7. If I’m going to married again to my husband, I’d like to pick wedding venue in the beach! It looks more romantic.

  8. The wedding venue is definitely important! It’s where everything comes together, especially the food and the number of guests. I love destination weddings!

  9. I’m not usually a fan of the beach wedding, but the way the setting is designed is just so lovely. I also like the rustic feel of the Lemuria.

  10. I was wondering which beautiful beach wedding setting that was and was surprised it was Shangril-la Boracay! I had no idea they had a Shangrila-la over there since it’s such a small island! How lovely!

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